At one of my classes you can learn how to have a calm, enjoyable and positive birth through the knowledge and practice of a comprehensive hypnobirthing course that includes:

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How to create
and maintain a
positive mindset

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Gaining the knowledge and tools for an empowered birth

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Learning how to prepare both your mind and
body for birth

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Successfully put this together to achieve the birth you want.

My name is Kerry Sutcliffe and I run ‘The Hypnobirthing Mum’. I have successfully and proudly used hypnobirthing with all three of my children. I am a Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner as well as a trained Person-Centred Counsellor and Mental Health graduate working extensively with people living with anxiety and depression.

Hypnobirthing Courses have been uniquely devised for Australian mums and their birth partners. There are a range of group, private, online or refresher courses on offer throughout Sydney’s Inner West suburbs. Courses are nationally and internationally recognised and endorsed by Hypnobirthing Australia™.

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Childbirth education is one of the most important investments you can make for your baby. You can sell the pram if it doesn’t suit … but you don’t get to‘re-do’ their birth.

Melissa Spilsted, Director of Hypnobirthing Australia™
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Are you a midwife, obstetrician, doula or other professional working with pregnant women?

“Hypnobirthing was one of the best things I did to help us prepare for this day.”

“My body and baby knew what they were doing, all I had to do was show up!”

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Who is The Hypnobirthing Mum?

“The hypnobirthing classes provided me with actual things that I could do and support my wife with. This made me feel more involved throughout the pregnancy and helped my wife and I have an even greater bond”

John, birth partner

“All three of us would like to thank you so much for all of the tools that you armed us with in preparation for our birth. From the calming music, affirmations and positive mindset, to understanding our rights when going into the hospital and what questions we were able to ask in our adverse situation and learning about the history of birth”

Kate, mum to baby Tenzin

“The knowledge and skills I gained helped me before, during and after birth and gave me a genuinely amazing experience of childbirth that I didn’t realise was possible until I did this course”

Michelle, mum to Abby

“My daughter was born after a drug free labour weighing 9lbs 2ozs I was overjoyed as I had done it my way and with the help of hypnobirthing it was a beautiful time for everyone”

Nichola, mum to baby Zara

“Thanks for getting us so well set up for a peaceful, natural birth experience, we were so thrilled to experience this”

Felicity, mum to baby Oscar

“We are delighted and we are so grateful for the advice and education that you gave us as we used our hypnobirthing techniques up-to and during the birth and the skills we have will hopefully help us as we travel on as a family too!”

Laura, mum to baby Alfie

“Whilst I know I had it in me, Hypnobirthing was the one tool that helped me stay on the path and have the calm birth that I wanted regardless of it being a c-section. I have walked away from the experience with no regrets and full of joy! Thank you so much for teaching us this valuable tool”

Holly, mum to baby Tessa

“Thank you again so, so much. I will be recommending your course to everyone I know having babies and every doctor, therapist and practitioner in every field who may come across pregnant women.”

Laura, Mummy to baby Odette

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