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Who is my ideal hypnobirthing client?

Whilst many people who contact me already know a bit about hypnobirthing and know they want to book a course, I often get enquiries from people who are interested but who question “what are the benefits of it and will it work for me, I’m not sure if it is something I will definitely do but I’d like to know more, I don’t know if it will work alongside my current circumstances, I’m interested but my partner isn’t” etc.


Whilst my immediate thought is that I am SURE these people will benefit from the programme (before, during and after their baby’s birth) I understand that some people are uncertain or even sceptical about this approach. Perhaps they have heard so many horror stories from others that they can’t possibly imagine birth being anything other than terrible. Or maybe they have already had discussions with caregivers who are hinting that this pregnancy will end in a caesarean (which is still giving birth by the way!). Likewise, money may be a deciding factor in whether they choose to do a hypnobirthing course and they want to know more before parting with their hard-earned cash at an already expensive time.


There are many reasons why people may feel unsure about booking a hypnobirthing course but so many MORE for why they should!


So when I think about what a hypnobirthing client looks like to me, I think of…


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you see yourself or your birth partner in some of the above, then perhaps it is time to look into hypnobirthing in more detail.


So what are the benefits of a hypnobirthing approach to birth? A recent study evidenced a range of benefits from this type of approach to birth, which showed advantages to both mother and baby including:


So who is MY ideal hypnobirthing client?


Ultimately I believe every woman and partner will gain lots from my course, BUT, my ideal client is someone who…


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Kerry xx


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