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Matilda’s birth

"The whole experience was very intense, but coming out of it I feel so positive and empowered."

Hi Kerry,

Just wanted to get in touch to say thank you and give a baby update for Sam and I after attending your April course.
We welcomed a baby girl, Matilda, on the 18th June – one day before her due date. We rehearsed with hypnobirthing tracks and techniques in the weeks leading up her birth and felt so confident and safe going into it.
My waters broke at 11pm on the 16th, and we actually went back to bed that evening to get some rest as my contractions had not begun (despite Sam getting very excited and wanting to stay up). At 1am on the 17th (Friday), light contractions started but I managed to continue resting on and off until 6am. I checked in with the midwives in the morning and continued labouring at home with Sam’s support for most of the day – using the tens machine, shower and even watching a movie as a distraction. Around 5pm it was time to head to the hospital down the road. Unfortunately, none of my group practice midwives were on call until 7.30pm that evening. I was placed in the delivery suite when I had requested to go to the birthing centre, and asked to do continual monitoring due to my waters being broken for more than 12 hours. I declined the continual monitoring, and luckily my midwife arrived at 7.30 for her shift and took us over to the birthing centre where she used intermittent monitoring. We had the lights dimmed and a scent diffuser, which really helped to maintain the relaxed atmosphere. I had no idea of the time, and didn’t want to be informed about how dilated I was, just wanting to focus on getting through each contraction.

As my labour progressed, I kept using the tens machine, trying to stay upright resting over the birthing ball and breathing to stay relaxed between contractions. After a little while, the midwife suggested I stand up and slow dance with Sam to get the baby moving down. Shortly after, I felt like it was time to start pushing so I entered the bath. The pushing took quite a while, around 2 hours, but finally her head was born. I stood up to wait for the next contraction, and her body came out not long after at 1.45am on the 18th (Saturday). Sam actually caught her, which was surreal for both of us.


The whole experience was very intense, but coming out of it I feel so positive and empowered. It was worth the pain! I had only some minor tears, and the recovery has been great. All your wisdom and information came in handy on my birthing day and I don’t think I would have had the same experience without your course. The hypnobirthing techniques, mental tools and evidence based information about interventions were so invaluable to have going into labour and birth. It helped me to be informed, trust my body and not be anxious about birthing, especially doing it naturally without pain relief.
I can’t speak more highly of your course and really do think it made such a difference to my birthing experience, and mine and Matilda’s recovery and experience afterwards. I think every woman should have this level of knowledge going into birth.


Thank you again.
Kiara & Sam

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"The whole experience was very intense, but coming out of it I feel so positive and empowered."

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