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Baby #2 - Bethany

In contrast to when Hollie was born, leading up to the birth of Bethany I felt confident, excited and was looking forward to giving birth! Yet again I had a baby who wasn’t in a rush to make an appearance though! At almost 42 weeks I ended up going into hospital to be induced – this wasn’t something I imagined when I pictured the birth of my second baby. After a wonderful birth with Hollie I now faced the challenge of overcoming all the negative things that exist about being induced such as “the contractions are much more painful” and “your body doesn’t have time to adjust” etc. Despite this I was hopeful for another great experience following the success of hypnobirthing with my first child. In the antenatal ward I was prepped for an induction which began with them putting a monitor on my stomach to gain baseline information about the baby and me. To my astonishment I started feeling what I thought were the beginnings of some contractions. At first I don’t think my husband believed me but then the monitors started picking up on this and every time I had a contraction the graphs would peak. “No need for an induction” I thought!! But following a conversation with the midwife in which I realised I could still give birth on the midwife-led unit if I had a pessary induction, I decided that after an impatient wait for this baby it was time to get it out! After inducing me, the midwife joked that even though I was using hypnobirthing she did NOT want me taking them by surprise and giving birth on the antenatal ward!


It was midday and I spent the next couple of hours walking round the hospital. When I returned to the ward the contractions were getting stronger and I put on the TENS machine. The contractions were building and at about 5:30pm I sent my husband to get a midwife. They assessed me and said I was about 5 or 6cm dilated and that they would get the midwife centre ready for me to go there to give birth which would take about 15 minutes to organise. I remember feeling mixed emotions; on the one hand I was pleased that after going overdue for so long the baby’s labour was quickly progressing, but I also felt like the surges were as strong as I had ever felt them during my first birth but I was only 5 or 6cm dilated. However, my body knew something the rest of us didn’t – I was ready to give birth! I felt the urge to push and quickly sent my husband to get the midwives again. On second ‘inspection’, they realised this baby was not waiting any longer! The other expectant mums were ushered out of the ward in order to give me some more privacy and our second little baby girl was delivered just a few minutes later before they had chance to move me to the birthing centre. I agree this labour was quicker and the contractions did feel stronger but my first words after giving birth this time were “aww, I want another one!” so it obviously didn’t put me off giving birth again!

Baby #2 - Bethany

“I felt confident, excited and was looking forward to giving birth.”

Baby #1 - Hollie

Baby #3 - Jack

Blue butterfly

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