Hypnobirthing Australia™ is “uniquely designed for Australian mothers and their birth companions. Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes prepare you with the knowledge, confidence and tools you need to birth calmly. Birth can, and should be, a positive experience – one that you will always want to remember”.

The hypnotherapy aspect of hypnobirthing concentrates on eliminating any fears we associate with birth in order to break the fear-tension-pain syndrome. Alongside the self-hypnosis skills that hypnotherapy teaches, techniques including relaxation, breathing and visualisation are also incorporated so that both the psychological and physical elements of birth are covered. Further to this, people who undertake hypnobirthing are also provided with information regarding the choices they have during birth. Together this provides you with the comprehensive knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your birthing experience.

When a mother and her birth partner can approach childbirth feeling prepared with the right knowledge, information and tools this results in a positive and confident mindset that can lead to the beautiful births that so many women hope for.

Other benefits of hypnobirthing include it’s ability to create an atmosphere that supports a calm and positive birth with a reduced need for medical interventions. Importantly, the HypnoBirthing Australia™ programme takes a realistic view about birth though and the fact that sometimes medical intervention is needed or even chosen. Whilst many of us may wish for a natural, drug-free birth, if your birthing experience does not happen to follow this route then the hypnobirthing course and it’s content will greatly assist you in these scenarios too. It prepares the right mindset for a positive birth and the skills it develops can be used before, during and after in order to benefit mum, baby and people around them.

When should I start classes?

You can attend hypnobirthing classes at any point during your pregnancy. The ideal time is between 20-30 weeks so that you have time to practice the techniques and alter your mindset towards one that views birth in a more confident manner, however with the right level of determination and enthusiasm a mother can attend anytime up to 37 weeks.

Should my birthing partner attend?

Ideally yes. A birthing partner (whether this is your partner, mum, friend, doula or anyone else who you feel will help support your during your birth) plays an integral part of the process. They can however, feel overwhelmed, uninformed and helpless. Attending the course will provide them with invaluable information and skills thereby helping them to help you! I understand that sometimes though your birthing companion may not be available to attend courses. If this is the case then I highly encourage you to share the course resources, discuss topics and issues, and get them to practice the techniques with you.

Should I still attend the hospital Antenatal classes?

This is your decision. Hypnobirthing classes and hospital classes tend to take different approaches. Hypnobirthing classes work off the premise of providing you with the skills and techniques to promote a natural, calm birth whereas hospital classes often focus on pain-relieving drugs, medical procedures and surgical interventions available.

Does Hypnobirthing really work?

Yes, hypnobirthing really can work! But it is also worth stating that every birth is different and it is impossible to predict what will happen during it or how the mother and baby will respond to it. What we can promise is that the techniques and skills you will learn will help you prepare for birth and work with your body to give you the best possible chance of having a calm, positive and enjoyable birth. Please take a look at the section on ‘What is Hypnobirthing’ to learn the facts and help dispel any false information you have previously been given about hypnobirthing.

What courses are available, how much do they cost and how do I book one?

Hypnobirthing Australia™ courses:

  • Is a professional Australian educational standards childbirth education programme created specifically by Australians for Australians.
  • It is the only legal hypnobirthing trademark registered in Australia.
  • Content is up-to-date with evidence-based research and is adapted accordingly when new findings are published.
  • Parent resources and training materials are professional, comprehensive and current – there are no 20 year old birthing videos in our classes.
  • It is recommended by obstetricians, hospitals, midwives, health and childbirth professionals nationally.
  • We are inclusive. Our focus is on achieving a positive birth experience (rather than some courses that are geared towards a ‘natural birth at all costs’), whatever path that may take.
  • Hypnobirthing Australia™ created the world’s first hypnobirthing course specifically designed for caesarean birth.
The Hypnobirthing Mum with positive words in a heart

All expectant mothers deserve the opportunity to birth their babies in the most empowering way possible and hypnobirthing can help mothers and birth partners achieve that.

If you have any questions or queries prior to booking a course please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs.

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