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Zoe’s Birth

"I can without a doubt say that hypnobirthing was one of the best things I did to help us prepare for this day"

First time parents Catarina and Rolly attended a course in the third trimester of pregnancy. After doing the course late in 2020, they didn’t need to wait long into the New Year to welcome their baby girl…

I started feeling surges on Wednesday at about lunchtime. They were very spaced out, and by the time night came, they were about 40 minutes apart so I was able to sleep most of the night only to be waking up when they were stronger. I used the breathing techniques along with the positive affirmations and the other tracks to manage the sensations. By morning they were close to 10 minutes apart and I thought “today is the day I get to meet my beautiful baby”. I started using the TENS machine by then as the surges were getting stronger and stronger and continued with the breathing and tracks.


At 1pm we called the hospital because I thought it was time as my breathing had changed. We got to the hospital shortly after and had an examination because I was a bit unsure if my membranes had released. After a few doctors observing my pad, they said the membrane was still intact, but if they had released/ruptured it would have been from the top (I never even knew this was possible). They also checked the dilation since they were there and to my surprise, I was still only 2cms, so I went back home to continue working through the surges.


By 10pm I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore which in my mind was the sign she was about to come, so back to the hospital we went. Still no progress on the dilation even though it felt like she was about to come out, but they did confirm my membranes had ruptured from the top instead of the bottom of the placenta. By this stage I asked to start using the gas to assist with managing the intense sensations. 6 long hours later, dilation was only an extra 1cm and I was given a few options with the next steps. We used the tools we learnt with hypnobirthing and felt in control of all our decisions at all times. I decided to have the epidural at this stage to help with having my membranes manually broken and taking synthetic oxytocin.

This was never part of my plan, but I had prepared to face birthing with a positive mindset and the affirmation “I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes” kept replaying in my head, and this made me more comfortable with the decisions I had to make.


At 11:30am on Friday (2 days after first surges) I started pushing and 20 minutes later our beautiful baby Zoe was born.


I can without a doubt say that hypnobirthing was one of the best things I did to help us prepare for this day from pregnancy right through to the first hours with our little Zoe. The view I had of hypnobirthing when I first heard of it, compared to how I see it now are completely different. I loved the fact you helped me see that if I did have a form of pain relief it, did not take away from the hypnobirthing experience. So, I want to share this to help other expecting mothers know that it’s not just about the little choices that happen on the day, but it’s also about the entire journey and mindset along the way and even post birth! Thank you for sharing the wisdom Kerry!



Rolly & Catarina

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