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Isla’s Birth

"Our bodies are amazing, you will find an inner strength you never knew you had during birth!"

Susan and David attended my hypnobirthing course with me in the third trimester of pregnancy. They had previously had a caesarean for the birth of their twin boys and were now planning a VBAC for baby #3. This is the story of their baby girl Isla…

I got my VBAC!


No intervention, completely natural. Private hospital and private OB. My little girl Isla was born on 8/8/20, 3.79kg, 53cm long, 35.5cm head circumference. 2017: Twins born via elective-c due to twin 2 breech early on and size differences.


This birth: I did so much research and decided from 30 weeks that I wanted a VBAC. Mainly because my boys being 3.5yrs old and the recovery would be better. I also wanted to give my body the chance to do what Mother Nature intended!


The plan was to go into spontaneous labour, as OB wouldn’t induce without breaking waters. I was fine with that and decided I didn’t want AROM and synthetics. Based on reading everyone’s experience, it was either spontaneous or I would tap out and elect for c section, so it would still be my calm gentle birth I wanted (and not end up in emergency c-section).


At 40+1, early on a Saturday morning at 4am, I started feeling intense cramping. By 4:30am, I felt a small gush of liquid and went to check, it was my waters but a small volume. I changed my pants and went back to bed. Contractions started after that and I started timing them on the app. It was intense but sporadic. I then had another gush after 5am, more volume this time and it was ON after that. Surges came hard, so I woke up hubby and we called the hospital. They advised to start making our way in. At this point, I had the TENs machine on to manage the surges and took it off to go in the shower. I called mum to come over and look after the boys and hubby got our bag ready.
We got to hospital just after 7am at which point I was doubled over in pain with intense surges. I was listening to my hypnobirthing affirmations in the car and had TENs on. The midwife checked me once admitted, she didn’t tell me how dilated I was, just looked over at hubby and gave him double thumbs up! She put monitoring tape on and dimmed the room as per my birth preferences.


I asked for gas pretty much straight away and stayed on my side on the bed.

By 8/830’ish, I moved from the bed to the bath and laboured in there until I was no longer comfortable.

I can’t remember what time my OB arrived, I was in the bath. He was very hands off until it was time to push, which I went on the bed for and leaned up against the head of the bed on my knees.

After an intense 40 minutes of active pushing, which I wasn’t even sure I would make it through, our baby arrived at 11:03am. My OB helped coached me through it with supportive language throughout (telling me slow down when needed to protect my pelvic floor), and the midwife used a hot flannel on my perineum to prevent tearing.


The Dr said “look down, and pick up your baby” and I collapsed down and held her. My hubby checked the gender and announced it was a girl! She came straight up on my chest, and I had two hours of skin on skin.

Once the placenta was out and my OB gave me a few stitches, they left us alone just the three of us. Midwife came back and did checks with bub on me.


It was the most incredible birth, and I was so relieved I got the calm and gentle VBAC I wanted.


My prep: RRLT, dates, epi-no, acupuncture, chiro, hypnobirthing course with Kerry Sutcliffe from The Hypnobirthing Mum.



I want to thank everyone for all their inspiring stories, advice and knowledge sharing in this group! It gave me so much confidence and positivity!


Finally, I had my VBAC at North Shore Private Hospital (NSP), with a private OB. We kept the same Dr who delivered my twins 3 years ago, as I trusted him and we had a great relationship.


Choosing your caregiver and where you give birth is a personal decision and I want to let people know that it IS possible to get your VBAC or have your preferences respected going private, and not just home births or public system – I later found out that my OB was reading my hypnobirthing notebook, while I was in the bath, and also joked he had memorised all my affirmations as I had it playing through the speaker on repeat.

Not once was I offered a canula, no mention of episiotomy, no distressing negative language was used. I was truly grateful!


For those still on their journey, know that you’ve got this! If I can (and I’m seriously the biggest CHICKEN in the world), then anyone can!


Our bodies are amazing, you will find an inner strength you never knew you had during birth!

Best of luck

Susan & David



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