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Stevie’s Birth

"We both feel so empowered by the birth.. All thanks to hypnobirthing!"

Mums Megan & Melissa attended the course with me in the lead up to the birth of their baby and below is their account of how helpful hypnobirthing is when circumstances change and decisions need to be made. This is a wonderful account of how achieving a POSITIVE birth is so possible with the right tools, support and mindset, regardless of the circumstances you get on the day!!

Hi Kerry ! What a wild ride it’s been….


So I lost my mucous plug over Monday and Tuesday last week and my membranes ruptured/ leaking really started Thursday around lunch. I was induced with Oxytocin 1:30pm Sunday and went into labour.


I dilated to 10cm using a TENS machine, visualisation, Mel’s support only having her talk to me, and essentials oils. Transition was hard – heaps of vomiting. But I knew it would end and I knew it was a functional discomfort. I actually enjoyed labour up until then and even then I wouldn’t say it was terrible.


I pushed for about 2 hours and had to be checked – I was fully dilated but Stevie was high and not moving down as she was back to back (my back pain had been intense throughout labour) and she was trying to come out with her head not tucked. Option of high forceps delivery with associated risks to pelvic floor and Stevie or c-section.


Stevie was sooooo happy the whole birth – I allowed monitoring and she was so comfy in there. So I decided to do a c-section while she was still happy and with Mel’s support. I had been given a light epidural so I could stop pushing and discuss my options. The team around me were amazing.

Stevie was born at 4:43am Monday 31st weighing 3.39kgs and 52cm long! We stayed in hospital until yesterday. She had been cluster feeding most of the week so I am tired and still really sore and having ups and downs which are to be expected.

We both feel so empowered by the birth and have no regrets about any of our decisions. All thanks to hypnobirthing!


Meg and Mel – proud mamas to Stevie!

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