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Ziora’s birth

"Your course really helped me deal with all the information that was thrown at me."

Sometimes birth doesn't go the way you imagine it will. The Hypnobirthing Australia course is designed to provide you with tools to help manage these change in circumstances, which is what first-time parents Ruth and Tom needed when things changed towards the end of pregnancy. The end result was an empowering birth experience....

Hi Kerry,

I hope you are well. I ended up delivering my baby early on 9th January due to having to be induced because of preeclampsia that was discovered at my 37 week appointment.

Can I just say thank you because your course really helped me deal with all the information that was thrown at me during my induction and labour process. I wasn’t expecting to have her when I did as there were no underlying health conditions and my high blood pressure crept in at the very end of the pregnancy.
When I was advised that the best option was to be induced at 37+3 weeks my immediate response was to slightly panic as it wasn’t part of my birth preferences and I was confused as to what was going on with my body. The next response was to take a few breaths and to use B.R.A.I.N to ensure I and Tom had all the information to make sure we were making an informed decision.
Once I gave the go ahead to be induced I would like to say it was a straight forward journey, however life isn’t always like that. I was given the synthetic oxytocin around 8am in the morning on 8th Jan. Throughout the surges I tried to keep moving, using an exercise ball to sit and also to take pressure off my back. I also listened to meditation tracks, breathed through each surge as well as the use of gas as the surges became more intense. The midwives joked that I must not be in much pain as I smiled and laughed through a lot of the initial surges. After 8hrs of contractions, the midwives checked my progress only to find I had only dilated to 3cm and my cervix appeared swollen. In addition to this, I was told my blood pressure was rising (I and the baby were on continuous monitoring the entire time) and that the team strongly suggested that I have an epidural as it is know to help with blood pressure and it will allow my body to have a break and continue to dilate. Once again I used B.R.A.I.N and decided that although an epidural was not part of my birth preference, at this stage it was the best option for me due to high blood pressure. I was very thankful for the epidural as it allowed me to rest and and take my mind off the hunger (I also wasn’t able to eat after the contractions started in case I needed a C-section). At 4am on 9th Jan it was time to push. I had an incredible midwife who was extremely supportive. She coached me through the initial pushing before I was able to recognize the contractions by feeling my belly. Once I was confident I could identify when my body was having a contraction, she was happy to take my cues and let me lead with the pushing. After about 30 minutes, Ziora Luna Lancaster was born. Hearing her first cry and having her in my arms for the first time was a surreal and beautiful moment that I will cherish forever.
There were a few things I wanted to achieve in my birth which I was able to, thanks to your hypnobirthing class. They are:
1. Feeling in control of my birth/have Tom advocate for me
2. Not have an anxiety/panic attack at the first sign of bad/unforseen news
3. No tearing
Thank you again for teaching Tom and I the tools to feel empowered during our birth experience.

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