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Vivienne + Olympia’s Birth

"Whilst is wasn’t the birth I’d desired, it was a wonderful experience!"

Mum Nicole and Dad Johnny attended the course with me during their second trimester. From early on in the pregnancy their ‘plans’ for birth changed when they discovered they were having twins. With support from their Doula Amanda (Essential Me Doula) and following their hypnobirthing course, they made informed decisions to have the best birth possible with their circumstances…

Hi Kerry!


Yes we had our twins! Vivienne and Olympia. They are 4 weeks old now. I’ve been in the ‘bubble’ and meaning to share our birth story with you!


We’re going well. The girls arrived at 36 weeks exactly. We were very happy to get them that far after a few scares during the pregnancy. There was an artery to artery anastomosis (AAA) in the placenta which was cause for concern so the Doctors were cautious and discussing the option to take them out around 32 weeks.


Anyway we got them further along then booked in for an induction on 19th April. I had a balloon catheter overnight then when they were close to breaking my waters the next morning a team of Drs walked in and said they were uncomfortable delivering identical twins with AAA naturally. It had never been done before at the Royal nor by the Professor (consultant in charge that day). So after hearing the risks that one twin may not make it we were very comfortable to book in a CS that afternoon. We knew there was a possibility of that outcome through discussions in the weeks leading up to the birth though the ultrasounds had been looking positive and we’d got the all clear to try for a natural birth.


Whilst is wasn’t the birth I’d desired, it was a wonderful experience and our two baby girls came out lungs blaring and APGARs of 9. They did delayed cord clamping and skin to skin straight away. Once I got stitched up and out of recovery they wheeled me into the NICU for more skin to skin and my babies went on the boob straight away.


It wasn’t until 22 hours later that I got to see them from being up in the ward and unable to make it down to the NICU but my husband didn’t leave their side. They needed some glucose and humidicrib time for a few days to regulate their temperatures but other than that they were fine and after 4-5 days of tube feeds with colostrum and expressed milk, they came up with me on the ward for 2 nights then we all got discharged together.

They’re doing well and putting on weight and keeping us busy and entertained. They are just divine.


Thanks for your wonderful support. The learnings we took away from the course were so helpful in giving us a positive birth experience.

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