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Valerie’s Birth

"What the class did teach me was that I have nothing to be afraid of"

Here is a great little birth story about how we can’t predict the way birth will go (no, not even obstetricians!!) and how mum didn’t realise she was in labour yet turned up at the hospital 9am dilated….

Hi Kerry,


I gave birth to a sweet little girl. The funny thing was my birth happened quite differently.


I went in on a Saturday 21st sept to see my obstetrician she did a sweep said my cervix was ripe and the baby was very low, but I was not dilated. So she went to Melbourne for a wedding and booked me in for an induction the following Wednesday.


I went about my day as usual, no pain or anything. That very night my water broke at 2:40 am. I left for the hospital because even though I didn’t feel I was in active labour I was told to go in just in case. By the time I got to the hospital the midwife did a sweep and had a funny look on her face she called another nurse in who did another sweep and said I was 9cm dilated.


They quickly called the stand in obstetrician and my husband called my doula Amanda. It was too late for any sort of pain relief, they even took the gas from my mouth. I basically screamed my baby out, so from when my water broke to the hospital I have birth in two hours.



I didn’t get to use the hypnobirthing fully as I intended to. But what the class did teach me was that I have nothing to be afraid of. I get to meet my baby and even the pain shall pass. I got the birth I wanted which was completely natural and drug free. And I can’t wait to have my second baby now.


So thank you for giving me the courage.



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