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Theodore’s birth

"It was such a special experience!"

First time parents Gemma & Charlie did the Hypnobirthing Australia course with me in the lead up to the birth of their baby boy....

“Hi Kerry,

Thank you for your email. I hope you had a lovely Christmas break with your family.

My husband Charlie and I welcomed our little boy, Theodore José McIntyre on the 13th January. It was such a special experience!

I had a very positive birth experience. I was induced at 39 weeks due to low amniotic fluid, and went into hospital Wednesday 12th to begin that process. Labour began for me around 10:30am the next morning, and Theodore was born at 8:58pm that night.


I listened to the positive affirmations and other tracks in the days leading up to the birth to put myself in a positive mindset. These were so helpful as I went into the birth without fear and feeling positive about the whole thing. I also used breathing techniques during labour to assist me to get through. Charlie was an incredible support and tried lots of different strategies to help me through the labour.

Thank you very much for your support and providing us with the tools to have a positive labour.

All the best,

Gemma and Charlie”

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