Below is a selection of testimonials for The Hypnobirthing Mum and the Hypnobirthing Australia course.

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“I just wanted to quickly let you know that little Odette arrived yesterday morning! I also want to thank you SO MUCH for all of your help with resources and the hypnobirthing course. I couldn’t have done it without you. Just to let you know, this time was very different from the first (thankfully). I ended up having a stretch and sweep when I got to 40 weeks together with having regular acupuncture, moxibustion and reflexology. I went into labour spontaneously and without the need for intervention. We arrived at the hospital at around 1am and Odette was born just before 3:30am. I feel so good and so proud of myself. I am amazed at what my body was able to do – especially after the last time. Immediately after Odette was born, I was able to walk around comfortably and without pain. It’s amazing. Thank you again so, so much. I will be recommending your course to everyone I know having babies and every doctor, therapist and practitioner in every field who may come across pregnant women.” – Laura, Mummy to baby Odette.

“The birth itself was exactly how I had requested, a calm happy environment, very supportive staff who honoured all my requests, they were positive, bright and very attentive. When Tessa was being born the drape was dropped and I got to see her be held up, I had skin to skin 30 seconds after her birth which was amazing and she was only removed to be held by Tony whilst they transferred me onto a different bed to leave the operating theatre. Whilst I know I had it in me, Hypnobirthing was the one tool that helped me stay on the path and have the calm birth that I wanted regardless of it being a c-section. I have walked away from the experience with no regrets and full of joy! Thank you so much for teaching us this valuable tool” – Holly, mum to baby Tessa.

“All three of us would like to thank you so much for all of the tools that you armed us with in preparation for our birth. From the calming music, affirmations and positive mindset, to understanding our rights when going into the hospital and what questions we were able to ask in our adverse situation and learning about the history of birth. Without our hypnobirthing experience with you, I imagine our ability to feel in control of the situation and feel calm and happy in the face of many difficult choices would have greatly diminished. Instead, we felt strongly that we were in control of our options and able to make informed decisions in a calm and informed way. We will happily recommend hypnobirthing classes to all of our pregnant friends and hope that we can spread the word that birth isn’t scary or something to be feared, but is an exciting and empowering experience” – Kate, mum to baby Tenzin

“We had a little boy! Alfie joined us on 25/11/16 weighing in at 3.8kg and 10 days overdue! We are delighted and we are so grateful for the advice and education that you gave us as we used our hypnobirthing techniques up-to and during the birth and the skills we have will hopefully help us as we travel on as a family too! I ended up with an induction and several interventions – Alfie really didn’t want to come out – but the hypnobirthing certainly helped throughout and it was an amazing experience! Now that Alfie is here we are absolutely loving being a family and have been enjoying joyful happy times!” – Laura, mum to baby Alfie.

“Hi Kerry! I wanted to let you know we had a beautiful healthy little boy last week – Oscar! No induction required and a drug free water birth using our breathing techniques- all pretty perfect…. We’ve been home almost a week now, slowly settling in! Thanks for getting us so well set up for a peaceful, natural birth experience, we were so thrilled to experience this” – Felicity, mum to baby Oscar.

“George came on 6/11/16. He weighed 3.6kg. The delivery went well. I was induced and labour was much shorter than with our daughter which I am pleased about! RPA were fantastic, at all times the midwives were trying to provide as natural experience as possible and pain relief was hardly mentioned, which is good. Thank you very much for your help and inspiration to make the birth a much better experience” – Agnes, mum to baby George.

“When I first found out I was pregnant I was 9 stone overweight and was told that my pregnancy was high risk. At various appointments my birth options were explained and a caesarean was mentioned as the most likely outcome. Being very stubborn I decided that I was going to make my birth exactly how I wanted it. I discovered hypnobirthing and signed up with my local practitioner. The sessions before birth were so relaxing and it wasn’t until I was in labour that I realised how useful they had been. I was relaxed and not scared in the slightest. My daughter was born after a drug free labour weighing 9lbs 2ozs I was overjoyed as I had done it my way and with the help of hypnobirthing it was a beautiful time for everyone” – Nichola, mum to baby Zara.

“Investing in a hypnobirthing course was without doubt the best thing I did for both myself and my unborn baby. The knowledge and skills I gained helped me before, during and after birth and gave me a genuinely amazing experience of childbirth that I didn’t realise was possible until I did this course” – Michelle, mum to Abby.

“When I thought about my wife going into labour I felt helpless, unprepared and scared. Whilst I was excited about the upcoming birth of my baby the sense of it being a situation that was out of my control frustrated me. The hypnobirthing classes provided me with actual things that I could do and support my wife with. This made me feel more involved throughout the pregnancy and helped my wife and I have an even greater bond” – John, birth partner.

“Prior to the birth of my 1st child I did a hypnobirthing course which I found extremely helpful for all of my births (3 in total). It gave me sound knowledge and understanding of child birth. It taught me lots of breathing and relaxation techniques to help me remain calm throughout the birthing process. It prepared me for the natural births that I had with all my children. But most of all it gave me the strength and confidence to know that I could do this and that my body was made for birthing” – Rosie, mum to 3 hypno-babies.

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