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Tenzin’s Birth

"The first hypnobub of 2017 has arrived!"

The Hypnobirthing Mum’s first ‘hypnobub’ of the year was born on 3rd January!!! And his mum has managed to find time in what is a very busy period adjusting to a new baby to write up the birth story. It is a story that exudes confidence and calm during circumstances that could otherwise have felt out of control, and is a wonderful example of how hypnobirthing helps to prepare you for whatever pathyour baby’s birth takes ensuring that you look back on it as the positive and empowering experience it should be! Welcome to the world baby Tenzin – you gorgeous little boy! Kerry xxx

2017… A birth story


It all started on New Year’s Eve, with a party at Paige and Gav’s place. Being 37 and a half weeks pregnant, I was already sleepy by 10pm so Rusty and I decided to head home early and get a good sleep. At 11pm, we got home; clambered into bed, wished each other a happy new year and settled down to sleep. Then I felt something… waters perhaps? Nah. Not really enough for that. We went to sleep.


The next morning we woke up, again, wished each other a happy new year, and again I felt something. Throwing two of my seven maternity pillows at Scotty, I waddled to the bathroom swiftly and there, my waters broke completely. Shit!


We rang the hospital, gathered our bags and trundled off to the maternity ward. There, they confirmed that, yes, my waters had broken and they advised that we begin the induction process involving a drug concoction to get labour started. Having done our hypnobirthing course and being really keen to get things going naturally, we decided instead to go home for the day and see what we could try to naturally start labour rather than use the drug alternative. They gave us 24 hours.

We went home and tried so many things. I walked up and down the stairs a million times, drank raspberry leaf tea, listened to our hypnobirthing tracks – ‘Baby Come Out’ and ‘Rainbow Mist’. Then something! Surges! More surges! Getting stronger and stronger! Till they were every 4 minutes! Yes. We’d done it! We packed our things once again, and made our way to the birthing unit. We settled into our birthing room, played the ‘Tranquil Chambers’ relaxation music and prepared ourselves for the arrival of our little man. Until… the surges subsided. Nothing. Nada. They sent us home, to return the next morning to start the chemical induction.


Next morning! We went back to the hospital still uncertain about the impending induction. In the birthing unit, we asked again “can we please have just another 24 hours at home to try again…? Please…?” They said yes. Just 24 more hours, then we HAD to go in for the chemical induction.


“Yep. We can do it!” We thought.


This time we made super concoctions of raspberry leaf tea, ate a punnet of fresh dates, walked those stairs again and again, took a walk through the national park, had acupressure on my feet, listened to more hypnobirthing tracks… we did everything. EVERYTHING. And nothing. Not a twinge. So we settled in for the night resigned to the chemical induction that the morning would bring.


At 7am we packed the car again, said goodbye to the cat and once again, promised to bring her home a little brother. At birthing unit, we got ready for the day. I was a little teary, knowing that I hadn’t really wanted any interventions, but at this stage we really had to go along with the hospital’s recommendation, given that every day the risk of infection increases once waters are broken. They set up my drip and our midwife Julia said “it’ll be hard and fast, but by the end of the day you’ll have your baby… but I knock off at 3:30pm so try to have him by then, ok…?”



The day began. But hard and fast it was not. The hours passed by and, although I had twingey pains, it didn’t really progress past that. Like, heavy-ish period pains. I got to about 3cm dilated, but no more. Damn.


It was 10pm and we now had two choices. Opt for a caesarean section now, or stay in hospital overnight with no more drugs (I’d maxed out on how much I could have over our 14 hours in the hospital) and see if things once again would kick off by themselves, otherwise it would be a morning c-section.


Now, armed with our beautiful and supportive friend Paige, we to-ed and fro-ed between the two equally intense options. After three days of trying to induce our little fella, we were exhausted- physically and mentally. Would another 12 hours of this really be a good idea, given that it would incredibly likely end in the same result? Or should we take the other option, which would mean resigning ourselves to the birth option that we had least hoped for?


We decided to go for it. Let’s meet our boy… and let’s meet him now. It was so, so scary but it felt like completely the right choice. We were calm. We felt that we had done everything we could to create our preferred birth scenario, and we were also prepared for any alternative outcome that meant our little man arrived safely into the world. We got scrubbed up. Well, Scotty did and I got into a robe and we all went down to theatre, taking ‘Tranquil Chambers’ with us.


It was bright. There were Dr’s and nurses everywhere. Everyone had something to tell me, and some kind of snippet of information on how this would all go down. I was just tired. So tired, and shaking like a leaf. It all played out in a dreamlike fashion. Blue hat for our hair… spinal injection to numb my legs and torso… ice cubes to check the numbness… sheet going up so I couldn’t see the operation… the hypnobirthing music playing in theatre that all of the Dr’s and nurses commented on and loved, wishing that all c-sections felt this calm and relaxed. Scotty coming in and sitting beside me. Holding my hand. Us both in tears, in disbelief that after all this, we were finally going to meet our boy.


Then, a little yelp! They lowered the sheet and there was our boy, fist in the air, like he’d just punched his way out. Our Superman! Our Tenzin!


The exhaustion, the fright, the mountain of questions and worries and concerns that we’d had, just melted away, making way for nothing but love. Love and appreciation for the perfection of him and this beautiful, perfect process.


However it happened, whatever we had to go through to be here with our beautiful, healthy, amazing little man, it was perfect.


And we are in total love with our baby.


Tenzin Broxup Ince.


Father and Mother hug newborn


All three of us would like to thank you so much for all of the tools that you armed us with in preparation for our birth. From the calming music, affirmations and positive mindset, to understanding our rights when going into the hospital and what questions we were able to ask in our adverse situation and learning about the history of birth. Without our hypnobirthing experience with you, I imagine our ability to feel in control of the situation and feel calm and happy in the face of many difficult choices would have greatly diminished. Instead, we felt strongly that we were in control of our options and able to make informed decisions in a calm and informed way.


We will happily recommend hypnobirthing classes to all of our pregnant friends and hope that we can spread the word that birth isn’t scary or something to be feared, but is an exciting and empowering experience.

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