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Taha’s Birth

"Now we know that fairy-tales do happen in reality too"

Here is the birth story of first-time parents Lixia and Faisal. Faisal is a doctor who initially was a little sceptical of hypnobirthing but who was sure he wanted to support Lixia in whatever way she wanted for the birth of their baby. They made a wonderful birthing team and enjoyed an amazing birth when meeting their son…

A blessed magical birth by Lixia and Faisal….


To have a normal vagina birth is everyone’s dream and certainly it’s ours too. But words from all of my friends and family are that to have a perfect birth only happens in fairy-tales. I do not want to think of it this way though. Hence I tried to search around for the many births everywhere in the world and finally when I come to know about water-birth and hypnobirthing, I was elated. Then when I come to know that it is supported here in Australia, I got even more excited!


The time finally arrived that me and my hubby got pregnant. From the start of my pregnancy, I started to look around for hypnobirthing classes available around my area. Eventually we found Ms Kerry Sutcliffe from The Hypnobirthing Mum.


Nothing is enough to express how grateful we are for her class and guidance, even following the class, towards our birth journey. She has given us a hope that we can have a fulfilling and joyous birth too.


My labour began at exactly on the 1st day of wk39. I got woken up with mild squeezes in my tummy, similar to that of menses cramp from 5am. I was still able to rest on the bed, listening to the relaxation music provided from the hypnobirthing class. As the duration of every waves got more intense and frequent, I began to walk around the home, sat on the ball and had to start using the TENS machine in the end before we left for the hospital. It remained on me along the way to the hospital which really helped to divert every discomfort especially at every turns and bumps of the drive. All of these relaxation tips wouldn’t have been known to us without Kerry’s class.


I also kept thinking of the affirmations I’ve learnt at Kerry’s class. From there, I’ve learnt to write my own affirmations onto sticky labels, then sticking them at every corners of my home so I could read them whenever I see them. I was told that this can help to tune my thought process that I will be able to have a safe vaginal birth. Indeed I did.


At the hospital, I was blessed with my midwives who remained with us throughout the birth process. They spent time chatting with us and providing ideas on how to relax. A waterproof mobile monitoring machine was also hooked up around my belly which was really useful as I was then able to keep moving.


During the cooling periods in between the surges, sitting down or resting on the bed got uncomfortable so I would walk around my room instead. Also, I never stopped using the TENS machine. I would also walk towards my affirmations sticky labels which I had them pasted onto the toilet door so that I could read them. They all reminded me of my strength and the power which I knew I certainly have. I just need to keep remembering it. One especially made me relaxed: “I am safe. My baby is safe.”



During the surges, I would either lean onto the wall or onto my hubby, took deep breaths and concentrate on not tightening my jaw to stay relaxed. If I tensed up, the pressure could get intolerable. Surprisingly, I prefer to lean onto my hubby. Smelling him really made me more relaxed and loved. He would hug me, rub me, give me massages and apply pressure at the acupuncture points. We were given printouts on them by Kerry which we brought along with us for the labour and they really came in handy!


Shortly after when my water broke, the surges became urges to bear down. I started to sit on the birth ball with the level of my TENs machine turned up. My midwife had been so nice by helping me to press my acupuncture points too. About another hr later, I decided to go into the water and immediately I started to bear down. Soon after my doctor came and she stayed with me for the next 2hrs, which I’m so grateful of. I was in my own zone, doing whatever I could, growling with every might I had at every breath. Nothing beats the power of positivity. All I could hear are the encouragements from everyone there. These are exactly what I need to believe that we can do it.



And we did! Everyone, especially my hubby, myself and our bub have done it all together to make it happen.


Our bub got born naturally in the water, peaceful and calm. We have had the most amazing non-medicated birthing experience which we cannot imagine we would ever have if we did not attend the hypnobirthing class.


Moreover, we wouldn’t have done it without the constant support from my obstetrician and midwives.The most amazing and miraculous part was that I have sustained only a few grazes and no tear, thus would not require any stitches at all! 🙂

Then there is the everlasting love from my hubby that gives me the force to go on. He is always with me at every appointment, is always staying with me all along throughout the birth, is always staying in the hospital with us……never ever have left me and bub alone. He is my superhero!


Now we know that fairy-tales do happen in reality too. It is just whether you want the magic to happen or not. We certainly feel so empowered from the whole experience.

Thank you Kerry for making our dreams come true.

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