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Sienna’s Birth

"We had a fairly good labour, but had a little bit of a hiccup towards the end"

Parents-to-be Nicki & Bart attended the course with me in preparation for the birth of their baby girl. They were birthing at Royal North Shore in the Midwifery Group Practice. Here is their story of welcoming their gorgeous girl Sienna into the world…

Hey Kerry! I’m going great thanks and Sienna is too! She’s been such a little angel since she was born ♥️



We had a fairly good labour, but had a little bit of a hiccup towards the end!


At 39w 6d I got a stretch and sweep at my midwife appointment and she said I was already 2-3cm dilated. At about 7pm that night I started to get mild contractions and was on the exercise ball breathing through each one until about 10:30ish. I spoke to my midwife, and she said to try get some sleep and call her when I couldn’t handle it anymore, so I got in bed and put on my hypnobirthing playlist. At around 3am I could no longer handle the contractions on my own so I woke Bart up and he helped put the tens machine on (which was amazing). At around 5:30am we made our way to the hospital and I had my waters broken and was sitting around 6cm. I changed up my positions that we learnt, breathing through the contractions – my midwife offered me the bath but I didn’t want to take the tens machine off.

It was around 7am when I got the walking epidural and I was able to close my eyes and have a little rest (I hadn’t slept since 8am the morning before by this point) we did another check and I was at 9cm and not long after I had made it to 10cm – around 10:30am she told me we would be ready to start pushing soon. In between this I was able to change my positions to try open up my pelvis, leaning on Bart/swaying, on the ball, leaning over the bed etc. I think I was pushing for about 2.5hours and she just kept getting stuck around the bend of the birth canal, she’d come down with each contraction but then go back up and by the end of it I was completely exhausted.


The midwifes called the doctors to come check everything and they said it was probably a good idea to take me into theatre and intervene. The options I had were forceps or c section, and I knew I didn’t want forceps so I had agreed to a c section (I was always open to this if it meant the safe delivery of our girl). The took us into theatre and prepped me for c section, but luckily the doctor I had was quite senior, he had a feel and said she was just so close, and he wanted to try just once with the vacuum to see if he’d get any movement and he did. With three pushes her head was out, and a minute or two later the rest of her body followed. Vacuum wasn’t ideal but ultimately looking back now was better for me than forceps or a c section. I was cut about 2-3cm they said and the recovery of the stitches is a little tender so I could only imagine what the incision of a c-section would have been!

We had our hypnobirthing playlist playing, dim lights, lavender in the diffuser, massages/acupressure, words of reassurance, calm breathing. All the things we learnt and had in our toolbox were really handy. I would say I was fairly calm throughout the whole process, although in that last 20 or 30 minutes I did have moments of “I can’t do this anymore” but persevered and kept pushing until I had no other option. Every birth is different, but had I been able to push her out naturally for a shorter timeframe I would say it was as close to our “birth plan” as possible!

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