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Sienna’s Birth

"We’re so grateful for everything we learnt through the hypnobirthing course"

Amanda and Julian came to a course in preparation for their first baby. They were being supported by the midwifery group practice at RPAH and they recently welcomed their beautiful baby girl Sienna into the world….

Hi Kerry!

Wanted to give you an update on the arrival of our baby girl Sienna Mufale who was born yesterday.

We’re so grateful for everything we learnt through the hypnobirthing course and it set us up for a labour we were excited for!



I started getting slight surges on Tuesday night, most of which I could sleep between. When I woke up on Wednesday morning I noticed a ‘bloody show’ when I went to the bathroom. From there I had some period like cramping and inconsistent surges throughout the day. I tried to ignore them as much as possible and distracted myself with watching Schitts Creek and making sure our hospital bags were all packed and ready to go. That night my surges started to feel stronger but were still inconsistent and spaced 10 minutes apart. I wasn’t able to sleep through them so I played one of my birthing playlists and started diffusing clary sage.

By 4am the surges were stronger however still weren’t coming regularly (7-12 mins apart). I was tired from being up all night and confused about how things were progressing. We decided to go to the hospital at 6am just to get some reassurance and an update on progress. They did a cervical exam and found that I was between 3-4cm! The midwife also did a stretch and sweep to help the labour move along. She gave me the option to go back home which I was happy with- so we went back and I started using the TENS machine which was amazing.

The surges were immediately more intense and regular after the stretch and sweep. I went from having surges every 10mins or so to having a surge every 2mins. I went from using the shower to the TENS machine to manage the intensity. Julian was an amazing birth partner and was there supporting me and holding me throughout each surge.


We went back to the hospital at 10am and the midwife said that I had dilated to 7cm! By that stage I started to feel my body telling me to bare down through the surges. I got on a mat and exercise ball and used some of the positions we practiced in the course to get through the surges. We also had the lights dimmed and music playing in the background.
When I started transitioning I felt that I needed to get in the bath and change positions. The bath was amazing at relieving the pressure in my pelvis and at helping me relax between surges.




I remember watching the videos of waterbirths during the course and being amazed at how calm and quiet they all were while pushing. Safe to say this was NOT my experience. I found the pressure and surges overwhelmingly powerful and I needed to use my voice to get through them. When I pushed Sienna’s head out I remember roaring like I’ve never done before! After another contraction I pushed the rest of Sienna’s body out where she was passed through my legs and I could lift her out of the water and place her on my chest.



The most amazing and intense experience ever! I opted to have the injection for the placenta delivery and had two blissful hours of skin to skin with Sienna.

Thank you for helping us feel confident and excited for this birth! We used so many tools that really made a difference

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