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Phoebe’s Birth

"I had done so much meditation that I found I never got hysterical or panicked."

This is such a great account of how the Hypnobirthing Australia program prepares parents for when the circumstances change and a different birth for your baby is needed…

Hi Kerry,


Tony and I are so excited to let you know we had a baby girl!! Phoebe Claire Kastelan born 10/10 weighing 4.09kgs and 56cm long! She’s a very healthy girl!

Our birth took eventful roads and Tony and I remained calm and happy throughout the process. Tony was the most amazing birth partner providing me with exactly what I needed and I know that’s because of your course we did! I honestly couldn’t have done it without his calming supportive nature.


I got an infection last Wednesday with a high fever and baby and my heart rate very high. I was induced and we laboured all day Thursday then my temperature went back up so we had a c-section because my infection was too worrying for the health of bub.


I would have reacted extremely differently to all of this had I not done your course, I had done so much meditation and placed so much focus on remaining calm that I found I never got hysterical or panicked.


I feel so grateful I got to experience labour and work as a team with Tony and have our beautiful girl arrive safely!


We were treated with respect and provided exceptional care and my infection has cleared up.

I can’t wait to introduce Phoebs to you!

Lots of love,

Tony, Prim and Phoebe

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