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Penny’s Birth

"We actually had an amazingly calm birthing experience "

Welcome to the world baby Penny!! Here mum Jen tells us about her induced labour at 2 weeks past her estimated due date….

Hi Kerry,


Thanks so much for reaching out, our little bub was stubborn and didn’t want to leave her cosy home so at 2 weeks overdue we went in for an induction which was not what I wanted but we had done our research and were prepared for it.

I did have cervadil and luckily my own waters broke a couple of hours after it was inserted so I was then able to have the natural vaginal birth I wanted.
Our midwives were amazing at RPA and supported our hypnobirthing, we had a very calm low lit room with our candles and aromatherapy oil going.

I had my tracks playing in the background and used my breathing and positioning learned from our course.
I won’t lie it was extremely painful but we managed to get through it and baby Penny was amazing and turned into the perfect position right before delivery and I managed to push her out in 10 minutes so I think all the exercises and practice I had done in the lead up really worked!


Although we ended up doing an induction we actually had an amazingly calm birthing experience and I’m so happy I can look back at it with that memory.
Our baby Penny was perfectly healthy and now we are trying to navigate parenthood which is a whole other challenge!


Just wanted to thank you so much as seriously we used everything we learned and all the practice was worth it!
Thank you again and as I said before I have been recommending this to all of my friends as something they need to do!


Jen, Paul and baby Penny

P.s I have included some pics of Penny just born and 1 day old

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