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Olena’s Birth

"Everything went extremely smoothly at birth"

Read this wonderful account by Tina who arrived at the hospital at 4cm dilated and was holding her baby within an hour!

Hi Kerry


Lovely to hear from you.


Baby girl Olena arrived over 2 weeks ago at 40+4 weeks, on the night before the hospital booked me in to see the obstetrician to talk about induction options.


I had a minor case of Gestational diabetes, which meant I was moved to the delivery ward system… and they had only let me go back to the Birth Centre system toward the end of pregnancy on the condition that baby should come by 40 weeks. Otherwise induction.


As it turned out everything went extremely smoothly at birth. Spontaneous water birth. Arrived at hospital 4cm dilated and she was birthed within one hour of arriving at hospital! Very fast and intense.


She popped out from head to toe, all in one enormous surge. BEN caught her in the bath. No stitches needed. She was born with very high Apgar score and breastfed immediately.


I definitely used all the tools and techniques we learnt in hypnobirthing with you.


Had the Tranquil Chambers Soundtrack playing throughout the one hour at hospital and thereafter. And Melissa’s voice playing in lead up to going to hospital.


BEN was a fantastic birth partner


Tina – mum to baby Olena.

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