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Nora’s birth

"It was an incredible crazy experience!"

Midwife Anna and husband Neal joined me in their third trimester to prepare for the birth of their baby. They gave birth at St George hospital and describe birth as requiring endurance but left mum Anna feeling very proud of herself!


Hi Kerry! I think you’ve already seen from my Instagram post but our gorgeous baby girl was born on 10/03/22!
I ended up being induced as my BP begun to creep up. We had an 11 hour labour, and all of the Hypnobirthing techniques helped me a lot! It was so great for Neal too, I really loved the soft touch massage, he basically did it my entire labour haha.
I had an 11 hour labour (no epidural!) pushed for an hour in the bath but towards the end she became distressed so I had a forceps, which was all calmly done, she was a big baby 4.36kg! So proud of myself for birthing her vaginally!
Looking back it was an incredible crazy experience haha. Pushed me to the point of absolute endurance I have to say! But I’m so bloody proud of myself now.
Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you taught us on the course!!  xxx

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