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Mila’s Birth

"It helped so much not to be scared and stay positive throughout the pregnancy"

First time parents Egle & Mathew welcomed their beautiful baby girl Mila Dream into the world a day after their estimated due date…..

I had noticeable slow strong surges from about 11pm at night on the 30th (due date) and stayed home until about 5am and had her in the hospital about 5 hours later just before 11am on the 31st of March.

We listened to some calm music at home and in the hospital and I tried to focus on my breathing, I also used the tens machine until to the end!
I didn’t use any drugs, didn’t get to the water either as we needed to monitor her heartbeat all that time.

I managed to stay calm almost throughout until to the end where it just got too hectic and I’d say very painful and it was extremely hard to keep breathing normally. So I was quite loud and sounded like a lion my husband said through out the hospital 🤣🤣🤣
We had delayed cord clamping and few hours skin to skin without any disruption. I ended up having a couple of stitches but I have already healed well I think.

Midwifes said I did very well and my husband who has seen everything in his life being an ex army guy said that this was by far the craziest experience he had being there at the birth!


So I would say I definitely had more positive experience and went to it without fear which really helped!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

Also I would have to say RPA midwifes are amazing! The one we had with us the most was extra incredible and supportive, it really felt like it was just us in the big room but she was there when I needed!


Overall definitely a good and lifetime experience and it helped so much not to be scared and stay positive throughout the pregnancy and your course gave us more confidence that it’s going to be okay and we can do it in a calm, positive & natural way.

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