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Marigold’s Birth

"Her birth was everything I had dreamed of. This time going into birth preparing for a VBAC I felt so much more prepared."

“Hi Kerry,


I just wanted to let you know about the birth of our baby daughter Marigold or “Goldie”.


Her birth was everything I had dreamed of. This time going into birth preparing for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) I felt so much more prepared. With lots of prayers and preparation I knew what I was going into, and the course really helped to put me in a positive mindset, with clear techniques of what we could do to make this a really positive birth.


Marigold’s estimated due date was the 11th of January. On the 13th I started to experience contractions at night. They were still far apart and I stayed home, rested and got some sleep while I could. When I was awake, I was getting into an all-fours position and used heat packs. We stayed at home until the contractions were five minutes apart.



We went to hospital at around 6:40 AM on the 14th. We made sure that the staff knew our preferences and were clear about what we wanted. I laboured at the hospital until about 11:30am, again, using positioning and gas to help me get through the contractions. I had stated that I didn’t want any vaginal exams as I have vaginismus which the care-providers respected. I felt strong to advocate for this preference.

At around 11:30am, the contractions were intense enough that I made a decision to have an epidural. By 12:45am I was fully dilated. I’d now consented to a vaginal exam. I started pushing at around 1:15pm and at 3:22pm Marigold was born! It was so great that when she was born she was placed onto me. It was our perfect birth!

We had delayed cord clamping and delivered the placenta naturally. There was some meconium present in the water so Marigold had some extra checks. But I still felt so calm throughout this birth. I really think that the course helped to get me into a good calm mental state. And I think that made a big difference to our path during this birth. It also really helped to know that I could advocate for my preferences and the staff were very patient-centred with me supporting what I wanted and how I wanted it.

Minh was such a good supporting role as well, he provided me with what I needed and helped to advocate for our preferences. He knew what I wanted and was there for me throughout.

I really think the course made a big difference to our journey. It changed our path and let me have the birth that was perfect for us and our situation. Thank you so much for giving us the information and the skills to help us have a VBAC birth.

I really think more people should be aware of courses like this as there’s so much you can do in preparation for birth.


Thanks again,

All praises to our creator,

Kathleen, Minh, big sister Madeline and baby Goldie.

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