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Lola’s Birth

"Training for birth like an Olympic athlete!"

This former professional athlete prepared for birth like she was going to compete at the Olympics! I often say that giving birth is like training for a sporting event and this mama’s training paid off. Read below what she did to get ready for birth…

Lola was born on the 1st of June at 8.54am and weighted 3.4 Kg. I went into labour during the night and just 5 hours later she was born! I couldn’t even believe it myself. I was mentally prepared for a full day in labour but at 5am I was 4cm dilated and at 8.30 am I was 9! No time to even consider any pain relief. I spent the whole time repeating to myself the words “relax and down” (in Spanish) and visualising my uterus doing its job as I kept rocking my pelvis sitting in the shower, maintaining controlled breathing was the key to control every surge. It was tough but I’m very happy with my birth experience and we both are healthy and doing well.


On a side note, I would like to share with you what I did in the first stages of labour before going into hospital. Maybe this can help other moms: To stay away from anxiety, I sat down on a Swiss ball rocking my pelvis and watched stand-up comedy on my computer for a couple of hours. That really helped keep my stress levels down and feel more relaxed.


During my pregnancy I complemented all the hypnobirthing training along with other therapies: I did 3 acupuncture sessions through the week before my due date, on that week I also started to put some drops of clary sage in my pillow and for 4 weeks I’ve been also taking raspberry leaf tea prescribed by my naturopath. Also I used the Epi NO device every day for 10 minutes since week 37 to help me improve the elasticity of the perineum tissues. I think it all contributed to such short labour. Ah! And I took bicarb soda the last hour of labour to help me with muscle fatigue (remember the research I sent you?).


For the last month I also spent every day for about 5 to 10 minutes in a deep squat position visualising the baby engaging in the pelvis and positioning correctly, I kept walking every day for an hour till my last day of pregnancy and swimming twice a week till week 39. I did gentle strength training with elastic bands up until week 40 and all my core training was based on diaphragmatic breathing involving the deep core muscles (no crutches, planks or anything similar, JUST BREATHING. After two weeks postpartum, my belly it’s almost flat and I started Kegel exercises and back to the diaphragmatic breathing the day after birth.


Little Lola started breastfeeding just 10 minutes after being born and she seems pretty good at it! We are just working out the feeding routine, but that will take a couple more weeks I’m afraid. But overall I think I’m very lucky with her.


Thank you Kerry for all the knowledge you provided me with to have the best birth experience I could imagine.


Here’s a picture of the hairy little one!


Paula – mummy to baby Lola

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