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Lilith’s Birth

"A marathon birth with baby calm and relaxed throughout"

Our baby girl finally arrived on 4 April, at 41+3. Meet Lilith Clementine Fawcett Hand.



She came after three days of contractions with no sleep. We discovered in the second stage after I had been bearing down for two hours that she was posterior! I kept pushing her down and she kept going back up…



After the first two nights and heading into the third I had to pull out all the stops to move my labour along, despite the fatigue. My contractions had been irregular and slowed down so I did squats and other movements to bring on active labour. Then I was straight back into the birth centre and headed directly for the bath for some relief! Ollie and I were so tired we were both nodding off between contractions.


I was so close to having baby in the water like I wanted, but when it was discovered she was posterior I had an epidural, a half hour sleep, and resumed pushing so that she could be a forceps delivery. I ended up pushing for about 6 hours all up.
It was a marathon but I’m glad we got as far as we did. Our baby stayed calm and relaxed throughout, I had all of Ollie’s love and support, and the midwives and doctors were amazing, understanding and respecting our preferences. I won’t ever forget Ollie practically lunging across the theatre to ensure they did delayed cord clamping.


Hypnobirthing was great preparation as a couple, thank you. You never know how labour is going to go so it’s good to have a range of tools to draw strength from no matter what.

Beck and Ollie

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