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Kalea’s Birth

"I spent my entire pregnancy preparing my mind & body for a positive birth"

First time parents Shandi & Joel recently welcomed their gorgeous girl Kalea to the world. Here’s how they prepared for her birth and the wonderful support Joel gave to the amazing mum Shandi…

I knew I wanted to have an amazing birth experience. I spent my entire pregnancy preparing my mind & body for a positive birth which included attending Kerry’s Hypnobirthing course.

I wanted my partner Joel to understand what kind of birth I envisioned & more importantly, I wanted him to be confident in supporting me. We walked away from Kerry’s course feeling educated & so excited to meet our baby.

We set time aside to practice as often as possible leading up to birth. I loved when we practiced because it was a chance for us to have some quiet time, to focus & connect as a couple before baby arrived. Joel was the most amazing support during birth. He did an amazing job setting up the room. He played my affirmations & music on the speaker & diffused the essential oils. He created a great environment for us. He reassured me, encouraged me & continued with the light touch for the entire 18hrs. When my birth was met with complications, he used BRAIN technique & always asked the Dr for time to discuss the decision with me in between surges.

My water broke at 3am & I laboured for 13hrs & then I was induced at 4pm & laboured for another 5hrs naturally but had a placental abruption & they took me into theatre for an emergency caesarean. Baby was born 9:15pm on the 9th of Nov. I wouldn’t have been able to get thru the 18hrs without Joel. He was the most amazing support & knew exactly what to do.

I’m so grateful we did Kerry’s course because regardless of the complications, I still had the most amazing & positive experience. So grateful our child arrived safely in our arms.


We’re so in love with our little baby girl, Kalea

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