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Julian’s Birth

"I’m so pleased to have had such a different experience than the first time."

Hi lovely Kerry, how are you?


I wanted to drop you a line and introduce the newest member of the gang – Julian David Bertolasi.

Born 21 Oct in a speedy 3.5 hour labour, he was a big boy at 4.3kg and the spitting image of Francesco. The birthing Centre was so great and it was all pretty quick and intense – we quickly got Penny sorted out, raced to the hospital and the midwives met me in the foyer of the hospital with a wheelchair saying “don’t push! Wait until we get upstairs!”


I’m definitely not going to lie and say it was pain free or that I was as calm and quiet as the ladies on the videos… but the hypno techniques really helped and it was a natural, drug free birth and overall a really positive experience which I’m just delighted about.


And I got my water birth… well sort of! His head was birthed in the water, but then his giant shoulders got stuck so there was a bit of commotion with all these medical staff running into the room trying to get me out of the bath…one of the midwifes did some fancy shoulder unhooking manouvre and out he came me straddling the bath, one leg in, one leg out.

Thank you for such a beautiful Hypnobirthing course Kerry, and I’m so pleased to have had such a different experience than the first time.


I hope you are happy and well,

Jade x

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