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Joshua’s Birth

"I have no hesitation in saying of course I would do it again!"

If you’ve ever wondered if the Hypnobirthing Australia program is for all births, then let the birth story of the Joshua inform you. Parents Renee and Ricardo joined the course with me whilst enrolled in MGP care at The Women’s hospital in Sydney. They were hoping to access their homebirth program but with some twists and turns along the way their beautiful boy entered the world via c-section. However, the couple were able to utilise their techniques and make comfortable and informed decisions about the birth, ending in a positive experience that “without a doubt, I have no hesitation in saying of course I would do it again!”

Hi Kerry!


Just a heads up to let you know of our little boy, Joshua, arrival into this world.

He was born a week earlier than estimated on the 14th October.

The original plan for a natural, home birth unfortunately did not occur, and we ended up in a c-section. After some 24 hours of labour, baby’s heart rate was constantly dropping throughout contractions, he had meconium in his membranes, and not only was he posterior, but he also had his head flexed back, making his head circumference impossible to deliver via a natural birth.

I am extremely grateful and thankful for having completed the hypnobirthing course. I was able to use just breathing techniques and Tens machine for the vast majority of my labour, remaining focused and calm on the cards that had been dealt. It has most certainly helped me in the aftermath of accepting his birth and everything leading up to it. Throughout the labour I was using the affirmations audio track on pretty much replay which also helped with all the above.


I remember saying at our course that a positive birth experience was one where I would be happy to do it all again, and without a doubt, I have no hesitation in saying of course I would do it again!!

So thank you so much for providing us with the tools that helped us get through this difficult, yet beautiful and amazing birth, that brought our beautiful son Joshua into the world.


Kind Regards,


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