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James’ Birth

"Labour was fast!"

Here is the latest birth story from proud parents Dannielle and Brendan on the birth of their baby boy James…

Hi Kerry,


Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed our beautiful baby boy James Walter Duval to the world! He was born at 3:08am on Sunday April 7.

Labour was fast! 4 hours from membranes releasing to meeting baby James so I didn’t have a lot of time to employ all the hypnobirthing techniques but I breathed through and got there with no epidural, just a bit of gas. We had a midwife from the birth centre with us in delivery ward and she and Brendan were working so well together to help me. Brendan said I was very good at breathing “down” haha.


We’re all doing really well at home now and enjoying our new little family member! He was due yesterday and we took him to one of best friends weddings, Brendan was a groomsman so very happy we got to go!


The more I think about it, I still can’t believe I did it! And I’m a mum now!! But I did, and how cool is that! I’d recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone preparing for birth – even though things went quick for me and I did feel overwhelmed at times – just preparing for birth with a calm mind and trying to let go of fear that I felt (we did one last fear release exercise the night I went into labour – I must’ve known something was coming haha) made a big difference for me I think. It gave me confidence that I could do it before I had to and I did have my doubts during labour when things got really intense but I’m sure without the course I would’ve been less equipped to handle what my body and mind was going through.

in a year or so (even though everyone is saying I might have an EXTREMELY short labour next time haha).


Here’s a couple more pics after birth – Brendan took these like 3 mins after James was born. And one of our whole family (fur baby Ziggy included) on our first trip to the park.


Look forward to seeing you at the next coffee and cuddles catch up 🙂


Dannielle (mummy to baby James)

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