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Jack’s Birth

"We are so thankful we got to have the birth we wanted"

Ali & Klade did the hypnobirthing course with me in preparation for their first baby. They were also needing to navigate several maternity models as they were embarking on an inter-state move which meant a change in care-providers. Here they tell us about their baby’s early, but wonderful, arrival!

12 hours after we finally moved in, my waters broke and I gave birth to little baby Jack – 4 weeks early!!


We had a bit of a journey through every maternity environment possible, and thankfully all midwives had a good understanding of hypnobirthing and our birth suite had fairy lights and affirmations already up on the walls.

In using the techniques I was able to only use gas and managed to get through 10hours or so of active labour! We were hoping to have a water birth but due to being preterm we were not able too due to the risk of infection, but I was pretty proud of myself, and Klade was so amazingly helpful with cueing me and using supportive touch to get me through.
We ended up in NICU for a week with Jack having some breathing troubles, jaundice and struggling to feed also. But we are now 6 weeks on and are doing so well!


Learning from you was incredibly valuable and we are so thankful we got to have the birth we wanted, if not slightly earlier than expected 🙂

Ali, Klade & Baby Jack

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