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Isla’s Birth

"Isla is the most placid and happy little baby, Nick & I are completely smitten & loving every minute of this journey."

“We were lucky enough to be blessed with a little girl on February 21st, Isla Belle Roberts was born at RPA at around 12pm.


In the lead up to her birth with weekly ultrasounds we were constantly being told she was going to be a very big baby, finally as I reached 38 weeks she was running out of room so we decided it was best to induce labour and welcome Isla a little bit earlier to ensure there was no complications with this huge baby being born.


I was lucky enough that after the induction my waters broke naturally and contractions started themselves so there was no need for intervention or oxytocin drips, this baby was ready to come out itself!


Due to the induction, labour was quite long and my surges started straight away being 3-5 minutes apart and 1-2 minutes long. Having the hypnobirthing techniques we learnt and practiced were crucial in the first few hours of getting through this labour, I was able to go into myself, calm my self and baby’s heart rate down in order to get through the long hours and control my breathing the entire time. Practicing my breathing became the most crucial tool I had to get me through the relentless surges. Once I felt I was ready to push, Isla came into the world in only about 8 pushes, with the obstetrician saying he could tell I had been practicing my ‘pushing breath’ as it was perfect and I got through the birth without a single tear or graze!


Although the labour and birth went nothing like we planned it didn’t matter at all, in the end it turned out being the most perfect birth to a beautiful baby girl, weighing in at only a normal 3.4kgs after all that…


Isla is the most placid and happy little baby, Nick and I are completely smitten and loving every minute of this journey.


Thank you again for all your help, I’m so glad we did this class with you and can not recommend it highly enough to soon to be mothers!”


Amelia & Nick – parents to baby Isla

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