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Hugo’s Birth

"What a wonderful experience giving birth was"

Cassie and Cam attended a course with me back in 2020 in preparation for the birth of their beautiful baby boy Hugo. Here Mum Cassie tells us “what a wonderful experience giving birth was”!

My waters broke early Thursday morning… about 5am. It took me a little while to realise that my waters had broken… I thought I had lost control of my bladder because I was 11 days early at this point. my bags were not ready for hospital, so I decided to do this… and a few little things around the house. I had no other signs of labour, but I called the hospital and went in for a check-up as per their request. Everything was fine so I went home!

The hospital did mention to me that if I didn’t go into labour within 24 hours, I would need to be induced. After the hypno course, I knew this is something I wanted to avoid and fortunately my OB was very across my birthing preferences and said we would hold of induction for as long as it was safe for the bub which was very comforting.



Later that afternoon, I got a really bad migraine, which is out of the norm for me so we called the hospital again and were asked to come in for a check. I was given some medication for the migraine because I didn’t want to go into labour with it, got an all clear that the bub was safe and I was allowed to go back home.


Once I was home, I managed to get about 3 hours of sleep before getting some contractions at around 2am on the Friday morning. They were light and I kept sleeping through them. Later that morning, the hospital asked me to come back in for another check up because it had been 24 hours since my waters broke, so we went in. Everything was progressing well and while we were there, I permitted them to give me a vaginal exam because I was curious and it turned out that I was about 4cm dilated! That was really empowering to know because the contractions were still fairly far apart, I wasn’t in pain, and they gave me the green light to go home again!



We stopped at a bakery, saw my mum quickly and once home cam set up the environment including closing the curtains, candles on, low lights and playing my hypno tracks. The time was passing without me even realising it. Cam was amazing and was watching how I was doing and noting how often the contractions were coming but I wasn’t aware of this at the time. My time at home was spent in the shower and sleeping between contractions.


Cam kept me at home for as long as possible. I wasn’t aware at the time but it was peak hour on Friday night and we didn’t live close to the hospital. Afterwards, Cam did say the time to go to hospital was an hour earlier then we actually left but he was worried about peak hour traffic. The car journey was the hardest part and I am grateful for his decision to keep me at home. it was 35ish minutes in the car rather then what could have been over an hour…


When the environment changed in the car, bright lights, traffic, sitting down while contracting etc.. I really did come out of my peaceful zone, and I was feeling the contractions. My tracks were still playing on my phone in the car, and when I got to the hospital the midwife could hear my tracks, and immediately knew I was hypnobirthing! I had another vaginal exam once I settled in, and I was 8cm! Checking my dilation was very empowering for me and kept me motivated and confident that I could have a natural labour drug free.

I decided to have some gas, but I found it too overwhelming. I felt like I lost control over what was happening because I could not feel properly and so they lowered the dose. Once she did that, I could feel the baby bearing down. Thankfully gas wears off really quickly… so I was able to say to the nurse and cam that I was ready to push, however I think because it was so quickly, they may not have fully believed me and warned me that if it was too early, I might cause other issues. So, I asked them to check me, and I was indeed 10cm!


20 minutes later our baby boy Hugo was born! It was amazing!!! I could feel him bearing down on me, and I knew exactly when to push.



My nurse was amazing, it all happened so quickly that my OB just made it. Little Hugo’s heart rate dropped which I think was scarier for Cam. They said to me that I had one more push to get him out before they would need to intervene with an episiotomy but I managed to push him out safely, no cuts or tears.



I cannot begin to explain what a wonderful experience giving birth was. Cam was amazing – he was so cool throughout, he kept me at home and made a huge call without burdening me which I am so grateful for. He never once panicked, and he played such a crucial part in this birth being so good.


My midwife and obstetrician were fantastic. We spent time going through my preferences with my OB prior to labour so she was able to just make everything easier, I was able to trust that she knew what I wanted. I got immediate uninterrupted skin to skin, Hugo had the chance to crawl up feed on his own for the first time, and the chord clamping was delayed until it went white.


It’s been such a great start to Hugo coming into the world and really set me up for a positive 4th trimester with him, I’m over the moon with his birth and I would recommend you in a heartbeat!



Cassie & Cam – proud parents to baby Hugo

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