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Gabriel’s Birth

"A ‘textbook’ delivery!"

I love it when clients surprise even the midwives with how well they manage their labours!

Hi Kerry,


Happy to say everything went really well, and Philip and I are having a wonderful time finding our way as parents of the very gorgeous little baby Gabriel. He arrived during 38 weeks – slightly earlier than expected as for some reason I had assumed he would arrive after 40 weeks so it caught me by surprise and I was still adding things to my hospital bag while in labour.


The birth went so ‘textbook’ smoothly that at the end as we were leaving the birthing suite, one of the midwives said to me “you should be very proud – it doesn’t often happen like that”. Then she paused and added “actually, it almost never happens like that!”.


I felt really proud of myself and know all our preparation including your hypnobirthing course helped a huge amount. Also, thank you for your recommendation of our doula Amanda (“Essential Me”), as she was also a wonderful pillar of support for preparation and post-birth.



Kate & Philip

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