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Freya’s Birth

"The birth was not what I expected but I wouldn’t change it, it was a magical experience in the end"

So we’ve had our baby girl, Freya!

freya dagh

On Sunday the 7th I lost the mucus plug at 5.30pm. At 6pm my waters broke. Went in to hospital to do a CTG scan with our midwife Lauren, all was well and we were sent home. Started having light contractions throughout the night from about 11pm. Went back to hospital on Monday at 1pm for another CTG, all was fine and was sent home again. Apparently when your waters break first they want to check that all is well as there’s a higher risk of infection.

I went from having manageable contractions (5min apart) around 3.30pm on Monday which subsided and became less frequent and irregular to out of nowhere becoming regular and 3 min apart at 7:30pm. Called the midwife but she didn’t think It was time to come in yet. At 8:15pm shit got real and my contractions were so strong and 2 min apart.

All of a sudden my body was pushing and I felt like I a needed to do a poo and sat down on the toilet. Brett was on the phone to our midwife and she said to come in straight away. So Brett grabbed my bag and car keys and tried to lift me off the toilet but at that point my legs wouldn’t move and my body was pushing (I had no control!) Not sure how he got me in to the car but I remember trying to fight my body pushing in the car and when we got to the hospital at 9pm, she was born 22 min later. She was out in 3 pushes.

Due to her speed I got a second degree tear and had to have a catheter put in for one night. Had the option to stay an extra night for monitoring (making sure I could wee after they took out the catheter) So we decided that me and Freya would stay the extra night and Brett went home to get a proper night’s sleep. It was a good idea not to have two tired parents. He picked us up Wednesday and we’ve been tag-teaming since to get some sleep. So happy to go home, two nights in hospital was too long. The midwives said that for our second baby we would have to come in straight away as it’s likely to be a faster birth as well.

The birth was not what I expected but I wouldn’t change it, it was a magical experience in the end. Hypnobirthing really helped in terms of not being afraid of the pain. I knew it was a “good” pain, as in, we soon got to meet our baby. (But boy did it hurt!) I totally forgot about my breathing techniques though, everything went so fast and I could never had prepared for that.

I think all the tools used in hypnobirthing prepared me for labour, I did a bunch of acupuncture, aromatherapy, meditation, hypnobirthing tracks etc. the birth just happened so quickly. I didn’t get my waterbirth or the birth centre (straight to delivery ward) or listening to my hypnobirthing track during birth. But it was all super special.

Maria & Brett – parents to the beautiful baby Freya!

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