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Florence’s Birth

"It was honestly the most wonderful experience"

When I teach the Hypnobirthing Australia program I tell all my clients the tag line – “we are all about a positive birth!”. A positive experience looks and feels like different things to different people. Here new mama Alyssa tells us about how she used her hypnobirthing techniques to have the most peaceful caesarean birth…


Hi Kerry!!

We had a great birth. We ended up having a scheduled c-section as baby was measuring big and my anxiety of delivering her was becoming a bit too overwhelming. In the lead up I used all my hypnobirthing techniques and affirmations and we ended up having the most peaceful birthing experience.


It was honestly the most wonderful experience. We felt so calm and safe and little Florence came out so calmly as well. I was worried it wouldn’t feel as beautiful as a natural/vaginal delivery, but when we made sure to have our affirmations with us, our lavender scents and make the environment feel like our own, we soon realized that we could have just as beautiful and peaceful an experience. Even our anchor points and colours (for me it was yellow), really helped to make the birth so beautiful. Recovery has been tough but I would do it all again for our little girl.


Alex was amazing – he was so calm and took me to my happy place (Disneyland) during the whole operation. He also felt really involved in the whole birth and his face lit up cutting the cord – the hospital put a screen near my head so I could see her being measured and the cord being cut. It was amazing! He has taken to fatherhood so naturally. He acted all tough before bubs was born – and now she has him absolutely wrapped around her little finger!!!!


Thank you so much for prepping us for the best day of our lives.


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