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Felix’s Birth

"I am in awe of the entire process"

Parents Rosie and Ryan did the Hypnobirthing Australia course with me in the lead up to their baby’s birth. Here Rosie tells us about how she spent part of her labour at Sydney airport, birthed her 4.4kg baby with no tearing and how the midwife just let her lead the way whilst Ryan was with her every step of the way!

Well, my labour story! Sorry if this is more interesting to me than you but I’ll try and keep it relatively concise….


So firstly mum was flying in at 10.30pm on 18th November (due date 19th..), so we’d hoped baby would either come before or after.. of course I start getting contractions morning of Thursday 18th. That felt real from about midday (I didn’t believe them for a bit because my body had done regular contractions alllll day on the Monday.

Laboured at home with nothing too painful, for the afternoon. Carried on cleaning and all that. Ramped up really quickly at about 6pm from one every 6 or 7 mins to 3 in 10 (we’d “planned” to go at 2 in 10 because of big drive) and we ended up rushing out the door. We travelled in to Sydney about 7pm listening to all the birthing tracks from you, with an eye mask on. Ryan cut the 1h30 commute to 1h05.. he’s very happy about that. The birth centre was closed due to lack of staffing so I had to go to birth suite, but I wasn’t to disappointed I knew they were really good too. They’d also sadly told me just before we left that mum wouldn’t be allowed in the birth suite, even though they’d said she could previously. At 9.20pm I was told I was 4cm and could go for a walk and come back at 11.20pm. So I said great thanks will do….


Snuck off to the airport so I could be there to welcome my mum. So I was labouring in arrivals for an hour and HONESTLY I would not advise it. Totally worth it for the hug I got with mum, but didn’t take into account those increasing surge strengths. Luckily I had a tens! I had to chase her down in the airport because she hadn’t realised I was there as she had no internet, as I hugged her I had a massive surge.

Dropped her off at my mates on the way back to RPA back in time for 11.20pm. Then I was 5-6cm, got in the bath… and not that it felt all that quick, but had him at 2.30am! Ryan was incredible, doing the acupressure points, stroking my arms, feeding me ice chips. He was everything in those surge moments, I couldn’t turn myself away from him.


The midwife was only coming in to do the Doppler and pretty much left us to it. Even when I was starting to spontaneously push which made it so special for Ryan and I. I ended up birthing the head under water, but had to change position and stood up to birth the shoulders. Ryan and I both caught him with the help of the midwives ❤️ After that beautiful cuddle time he got weighed.. 4.4kg, 37cm head circumference 54cm long. I had no tearing, no stitches needed.. borderline haemorrhage but to be fair my placenta was 710g (she said they’re normally 400??).

I am in awe of the entire process.


Thank you again for all your imparted knowledge and all the resources.


Rosie, Ryan and Felix!


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