What is hypnobirthing?

Courses run by ‘The Hypnobirthing Mum’ are a complete childbirth education programme that will help you replace the fear of giving birth by teaching you self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques. These techniques are designed to reduce the level of stress hormones and act as natural pain-relieving methods in order to achieve a calmer, gentler birth. The techniques can be used before, during and after birth to benefit both mum and baby on an ongoing basis.

When should I start classes?

You can begin a course anytime up to 37 weeks. Generally though, the more time you allow yourself to become familiar with and practice the techniques the better – starting early can help relax an expectant mum thereby benefitting the unborn baby.

Should my birthing partner attend?

Ideally yes. A birthing partner (whether this is your partner, mum, friend, doula or anyone else who you feel will help support your during your birth) plays an integral part of the process. They can however, feel overwhelmed, uninformed and helpless. Attending the course will provide them with invaluable information and skills thereby helping them to help you! I understand that sometimes though your birthing companion may not be available to attend courses. If this is the case then I highly encourage you to share the course resources, discuss topics and issues, and get them to practice the techniques with you.

Should I still attend the hospital antenatal classes?

This is your decision. Hypnobirthing classes and hospital classes tend to take different approaches. Hypnobirthing classes work off the premise of providing you with the skills and techniques to promote a natural, calm birth whereas hospital classes often focus on pain-relieving drugs, medical procedures and surgical interventions available.

Does hypnobirthing really work?

Yes, hypnobirthing really can work! But it is also worth stating that every birth is different and it is impossible to predict what will happen during it or how the mother and baby will respond to it. What we can promise is that the techniques and skills you will learn will help you prepare for birth and work with your body to give you the best possible chance of having a calm, positive and enjoyable birth. Please take a look at the section on ‘What is Hypnobirthing’ to learn the facts and help dispel any false information you have previously been given about hypnobirthing.

What courses are available and how much do they cost?

There are private, group, online and refresher courses available starting from $295 – see ‘courses’ section for further details.

How do I book a course?

Please contact me using one of the following methods to book a course so I can discuss your individual needs prior to commencing a course:

Email – kerry@thehypnobirthingmum.com.au

Telephone – 0451 771 723


If you have any questions or queries prior to booking a course please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs.