Many people seek out Hypnobirthing as they want to experience a calm and positive birth, but for others this is also coupled with negative feelings or thoughts that they have associated with childbirth. The most important question they want answering is – does it really work?

Providing yourself with knowledge and information regarding hypnobirthing will show you the many benefits it has to offer and assist you in developing the right mindset for a positive birth experience.

Use the tabs to browse through clinical studies, media reports and real-life testimonials that highlight the advantages of using Hypnobirthing!

Clinical Studies – read the research findings that highlight the evidence-based benefits associated with hypnobirthing.
Media Articles – take a look at what’s in the news regarding the use of hypnobirthing.
Testimonials – have a read of real-life women and their birth partners and what they have to say about hypnobirthing.