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E’s Birth

"All of it was worth it in the end"

Here is the birth story of the beautiful ‘Baby E’. It shows how her parents were able to use their Hypnobirthing Australia knowledge and techniques in a pregnancy and birth where there were series of changes in circumstances…

A friend of mine had, in her words, a “blissful” birth using hypnobirthing in the UK. We enrolled in Kerry’s group class. As first time parents, we learnt a lot about the delivery process that prepared us as well as any formal antenatal class.

Kerry was professional, warm and generous with her training and time.

As my pregnancy went on however, I developed a number of complications and ended up being re-categorised by the hospital as “high risk”. These complications impacted greatly on my pregnancy and I was unable to give birth in the Birth Centre and had to go into the ward.

I ended up being admitted three weeks earlier than the “guess date” as a result of one of these complications, and I was unable to have the natural, no-intervention birth I had initially hoped for.

However classes still proved useful: learning that hypnobirthing techniques could help, whichever pathway the birth took helped me to accept the myriad of perinatal and delivery interventions and helped with pain relief antenatally.

It also helped my partner learn ways to support my labour and delivery. It helped to prepare me for the whole process and helped with pain relief and relaxation towards the end of a difficult pregnancy.

And, as the cliche goes, all of it was worth it in the end – here is our daughter, Miss E.

Cindy & James.

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