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Ernie’s Birth

"It was the most incredible experience and I would do it a million times over."

I love receiving positive birth stories – it’s why I do what I do. To know that other women have experienced really powerful, beautiful and amazing births that leave them feeling like they would give birth again “a million times over” is what it’s all about for me. Check out the wonderful birth story of baby Ernie and read how his mum and dad have been telling everyone how great his birth was!!

Hi Kerry!

You’ve been on my mind too, it’s been a very full few weeks but I’ve been dying to let you know how we went with the birth.


Little Ernest Dilanchian was born at 2.58am on Sunday the 4th of feb – my birthday!


I’d started having contractions on Thursday evening, they progressed over night, Sevi and I taking turns to time them, then died off during the day on Friday. I kept in contact with my midwives at the birth centre and kept listening to the affirmations and meditation music to get me through the nights. Friday day came and went, in hindsight now I can see how I could have helped the process progress through the days but TBH I was happy to sit quietly with my husband Sevi and enjoy Netflix, recuperating from no sleep the nights before! Friday night the surges were regular but still 20 mins apart and then on Saturday things started to progress, I spent a lot of time in the shower and on our exercise ball, saying my favourite affirmations over and over in my head – in particular “my body and my baby know how to work together” and “every surge brings me closer to my baby”.


Around 11pm on Saturday night I started feeling like I couldn’t manage the pain on my own so asked if we could come into the birth centre. We went in, I was given a panadeine and a sleeping pill as I was only 3cm dilated and we came back home to see if we could keep riding it out. I was at this stage in the shower constantly, Sevi was napping as we didn’t know how much longer we were in for.


By midnight I had a strong urge to push so we made our way back to the birth centre. My favourite midwife was there and she had the bath ready for me to get straight in, which I did. I was vocalising a lot by this stage, Sevi and my midwife we quietly encouraging but I was in my own zone.


At this point I remember being incredibly aware of everything happening in my body and not feeling pain – just incredible power with each surge. Pretty much within an hour of getting to the birth centre again I was giving birth to my baby boy!


My midwife reminded me to hum so I wouldn’t lose my voice which I am eternally grateful for and I hummed him out in the bath, on my knees. I can remember the crowning being a sharp feeling, but I focussed on my baby and imagined him moving downwards. The affirmations were running through my mind every time I felt myself being overwhelmed.


All of a sudden he was slipping out and I scooped him into my arms. It was the most incredible experience and I would do it a million times over.


Sevi and I both tell everyone how amazing the birth was at every opportunity! I wanted a water birth and I am so thankful that it all went to plan, and honestly I have you and hypnobirthing to thank. Can’t wait to catch up in person and talk it all through, Ernie would love to meet you.


Thank you so so much for your sessions and for staying in contact, I will be forever thankful!


Victoria – Mummy to baby Ernie!

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