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Ella’s Birth

"We feel such a closeness from the incredible birthing experience we had!"

I love it when news of the latest hypnobubs land in my inbox! This mum feels it is so important that positive birth stories are shared, wants you to know it is called ‘labour’ for a reason, but also that with the right preparation there are ways to manage the pain and focus on the many good aspects of birth!

Hi Kerry,


Introducing – (drum roll please)

Ella Rose Harper Keating.

Born at 3.27am on Friday 26th July, weighing 6lbs 4oz. (2.96kg).


The birth was the most amazing experience. I feel so proud of myself.


It didn’t go according to plan (but then, what birth ever does?!) We had to be induced (which was not at all what I wanted originally), but it was still just incredible.

They induced me with a dose of prostin gel in my cervix. A super intense 8 hour labour followed just 3 hours later but I did it all on just gas and air and a bit of morphine in the early stages.


The hypnobirthing techniques helped us SO much! The tracks playing constantly, the affirmations, the soft touch massage, breathing techniques and the positive loving outlook we embraced.


Louis and I feel such a closeness from the incredible birthing experience we had; all thanks to your hypnobirthing course, mixed with our other ante natal course and the fantastic MGP Barker midwives at the Royal Hospital for women.


I even got to be in the water most of the time too. Didn’t get my full water birth this time but next time I will, maybe even a home birth!?


Thank you for everything Kerry

Love Jo, Louis and baby Ella Rose

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