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Dorothy’s Birth

"The VBAC of our dreams!"

Read this wonderful VBAC story – a tale of being patient, making informed decisions, the importance of having the right support team and riding on a high following the birth!!!

Dear Kerry,


I’m thrilled to let you know we got the VBAC of our dreams and little (4.1kg!) Dorothy Matilda was finally born on Sunday.


After Winnie’s early arrival at 36 weeks, it was hard going “overdue” but thanks to our hypnobirthing course, the Facebook VBAC support group you suggested and the Australian Birth Stories podcast, I felt so calm and in control of every decision we made along the way. RPA were so supportive of me trying for a VBAC. I’ve had daily monitoring this last week for high blood pressure and protein and kept saying no to induction. By Saturday I decided to take their recommendation that starting induction may be the best chance for VBAC, rather than coming in and suddenly having a spike in blood pressure and having to whip baby out straight away. This long story becomes pretty short from here; I had the balloon put in on Saturday evening, my waters broke by themselves overnight and I started labouring around 5:30am. I started active labour around 8:30 and had a baby at midday!


Although I didn’t have any time to listen to hypno tracks during labour, they really helped in the lead up. During the labour I used gas (mainly to help focus my breath) but it was the power of knowledge from our course that got me through. Feeling confident in trying different active labour positions (I loved the shower, kneeling over bed head and the power of the birth stool!) and knowing the sensations were normal and happening for a reason (like when the baby was turning while it was descending, having the urge to poo/push and the ring of fire) took all the fear out of the process. Ned was AMAZING support and nailed the perfect birth partner title like a boss, and again, I attest that to everything we learned at our course! Our midwife deserves a shout out too – I was chuffed that they allocated someone not only who had also VBACed before but spoke all the same language as us during the birth. I asked Ned if he had given her our birth preferences because I couldn’t remember but he hadn’t, she was just amazingly on the same page about the best way to achieve a natural birth.

Although I don’t want to turn around and do it again tomorrow like you(!) I’m absolutely over the moon and so proud! I thought I’d be sad about not labouring at home but the birth was so empowering and couldn’t have been better with the situation we had at hand. I’m so happy I got the opportunity to trust in my body and feel the euphoria of naturally delivering my baby.


Thank you so, so much!


Love from Lindsey, Ned and Dorothy”

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