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Dario’s Birth

"My husband & all the staff at the hospital encouraged me till the end which truly made a difference"

Here is a beautiful birth story highlighting the importance of partner support, listening to your own body and impressing the hospital staff with your hypnobirthing skills!

Hi Kerry,


I have some good news! Our little man Dario arrived into the world on Feb 25 at 5 pm after a short but intense labour.


He is our second hypnobub!!


Everybody at the hospital was so impressed with how I surfed through labour.


I have to admit my surges have been quite powerful especially in the second phase of labour but my husband and all the staff at the hospital encouraged and supported me till the end which truly made a big difference. No need of gas, tense machine nor water syringes!


In addition to the hypnobirthing prep I did on a daily basis, I had been talking to Dario since he was 36 weeks old telling him how I imagined his birth to be. I told him we were a team of four (myself, him, my body and his daddy) working together for a calm and relaxed birth. I would tell him to come to the world between 38-39 weeks and proposed him to have a relatively short labour (5 hours long). Everything I asked him happened! It was like he was listening to me!


I had a show on February 25th early in the morning so I went to see my OB who checked my cervix to see if it was starting to open but at 9.30am it was completely closed. So he sent me home saying that until surges started I was not officially in labour. I went home, did house chores and at 11.45am I started to feel the first surges. We stayed home until 1.30pm, I listened to the hypnobirthing soundtracks, Tomas supported me throughout surges. That was the early stage of labour, I had surges every 6 minutes and they were 1 minute long.


When we got to the hospital we dimmed the lights in the room, played the hypnobirthing tracks, and I sat on a birth ball. Tomas gently massaged my back, he stood by me during every surge. It was such a relief to have him close. He prepared a warm bath for me and I jumped into the bath.


Our midwife was very much onboard with hypnobirthing. She told me how well I was breathing and that we were doing an amazing job. I was in the active phase of labour by then. Surges were more frequent and lasted longer. I was in and out the bath. By 3.30 pm I was 5cm dilated. I suddenly felt the need to change my breathing and bearing down. It was approximately 4pm. The midwife asked me to get out the bath and I went on all fours on the bed. The last hour was the most intense one.


I continued to breath supported by my husband and the medical staff. My OB came in, he checked me, asked me to stop pushing but I just couldn’t!! I had to listen to my body. 15 minutes later my bub was born. He had the umbilical cord tangled around his neck and was bluish so unfortunately we did not do delayed cord clamping. One of the midwives had to give him extra oxygen for a couple of minutes and as soon as he gained a healthy pink colour, he was put on my chest for two long, uninterrupted hours of skin to skin contact.


I gave birth to Dario in all fours position. Chris Smith the OB has been wonderful. The midwives told me they rarely see women giving birth in all fours in this hospital (birthing positions are dictated by OBs apparently).

Our baby boy is healthy and placid. He weighs 3.6 kg and is 55 cm tall.


I just feel without all the prep I did, this could not have happened so well – I am so glad I took the course!!


Thanks again for preparing us to hypnobirth our baby boy, we are forever grateful!!”


Val & Tomas – parents to baby Dario.

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