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Clarence’s Birth

"Not the birth I’d imagined but I’m happy with the way things turned out"

Mum Jodi tells us here about how despite wanting a vaginal birth, she still had a positive birthing experience overall. Towards the end of pregnancy Jodi had been prepped for the possibility of a caesarean birth due to a few factors so was aware this may be the way her baby would be born..

Hi Kerry


Our son Clarence was born by c section on 17 December but I think it ended up being a positive experience overall.

Even though I felt like we’d made the right choice and did feel like it was my choice for the caesarean, I was still scared a little during the surgery. The scariest part was the anaesthetic, but I did try to focus on the bubble of comfort.

The surgery went smoothly even though it felt like an out-of-body way to have a baby. But we still managed to have some of our requests met. Steven was able to announce the gender and cut the cord. And the midwife, Bree, was great and helped me do skin to skin and start breastfeeding even though the drugs started making me drowsy and not really with it after a while, so I couldn’t hold onto him.

And Clarence came out fine, fully cooked with no issues with breathing or anything and didn’t seem phased by being yanked out butt-first into the world, so all well from that point of view.

Not the birth I’d imagined, but Clarence and I are both well and I’m happy with the way things turned out. And I can still try for a vaginal birth with my next baby.


Thanks for all your advice and words of comfort during this whole process.

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