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Clara’s Birth

"Holly’s fantastic birth story about the birth of daughter Clara!"

Here Holly tells us about the birth of her first child, daughter Clara. Holly and I went to school together so Holly had long been following my work even before she got pregnant.


Once pregnant she knew that hypnobirthing was something she wanted to do.


Holly was hugely dedicated to practicing the techniques and gaining knowledge during her pregnancy with Clara – who makes a guest appearance at the end!


She had an amazing birth, giving birth at The Mater in Sydney, and now speaks about one day hoping to have a home-birth back in the UK if she has more children.


This is a great story. Positive birth stories hugely help women heading towards birth so please share this and other birth stories on my website.





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If you are also interested in a home-birth (it is a great option for many women!) then take a look at Homebirth NSW – https://www.homebirthnsw.org.au/

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