The first 1000 days program

In this video I have been joined by Emma Park nutritionist who is discussing the program she recently developed called ” The first 1000 days”. This program talks about the importance of health from conception to the age of 2 and delves into a whole host of relevant evidence based topics.

Here is a quick overview of what is included in the program – interesting for both professionals and mothers…

You can find out more about this program at

The A-Z guide to a positive birth!

Follow me on this journey or just click on the links that initially interest you. There is so much to know about what you can do to create a really great birthing experience for you and your baby!


Enjoy watching these short few minute videos on each of the following topics….

Kerry xx


A is for affirmations:

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Ready together –

Ready together is a virtual mothers group that’s been created to guide you through birth, baby and beyond.

I spent some time chatting to the creators of it – Genevieve Muir from, Felicity Hughes from and Janine Armfield from to find out what its all about and how it can support new and expectant mothers….



To head to the Ready Together Facebook group go to –


Kerry x

Holly’s fantastic birth story about the birth of daughter Clara!

Here Holly tells us about the birth of her first child, daughter Clara. Holly and I went to school together so Holly had long been following my work even before she got pregnant. Once pregnant she knew that hypnobirthing was something she wanted to do.

Holly was hugely dedicated to practicing the techniques and gaining knowledge during her pregnancy with Clara – who makes a guest appearance at the end!

She had an amazing birth, giving birth at The Mater in Sydney, and now speaks about one day hoping to have a home-birth back in the UK if she has more children.

This is a great story. Positive birth stories hugely help women heading towards birth so please share this and other birth stories on my website.



If you are also interested in a home-birth (it is a great option for many women!) then take a look at Homebirth NSW –

The birth of baby Ella by parents Jo & Louis

In this video I am joined by mum Jo and dad Louis (and a special guest appearance by baby Ella after her nap at the end of the video!!).

They talk about how doing the hypnobirthing course with me helped to prepare them for important conversations towards the end of pregnancy. Jo was induced at 11 days past her estimated due date and went on to have an amazing birth!

Jo was cared for by the Midwifery group practice at The Royal Hospital for women in Randwick.

Enjoy and try not to get too broody when baby Ella joins us at the end!

Kerry x


The midwifery group practice at The Royal can be found here –

Angela’s birth story of her second child Maya.

Angela and her friend and birth support person did the course with me when Ang was pregnant with her second child. She was looking for a different experience and having previously sailed in the Olympics for Australia she knew the importance of a positive mindset and focused approach for physically demanding events.

Her preparation paid off with the beautiful birth of her baby girl Maya!

Angela was supported by her husband and birth support friend and gave birth at the Birth Centre at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.


PS Angela also has a wonderful business creating hampers for new mums –


Information on the Birth Centre at RPA can be found here –

Mum Alli’s wonderful VLOG about the birth of baby Daisy!

Mum Alli chats to me about the birth of her first child, daughter Daisy. Alli talks about the importance of gaining knowledge and feeling empowered leading up to and during the birth.

You can also find a written account of Daisy birth further down this page, where Alli describes her partner Gerard as the “only drug she needed” and discusses how she made good informed decisions late in her pregnancy.

Alli gave birth at the Women’s hospital in Randwick in Sydney under the care of the midwifery team.

Grab a drink and enjoy!


Link to The Royal Women’s hospital midwifery group practice

Women’s health physio Laura Hill talks about the importance of looking after yourself both before and after birth!

Laura Hill, women’s health physio at imovephysiotherapy joins me for a 10 minute chat. In the video we talk about:

  • the most common reasons women see a physio during pregnancy
  • what she wishes more women would seek help for
  • how including a women’s health physio in your birth preparation is so important
  • why you shouldn’t just consider 6 weeks after birth as being the ‘green light’ to start exercising again

You can also follow Laura and imovephysio at:

Verna’s video account of Ahelia’s amazing birth!

Watch this wonderful video of hypnobirthing mum Verna talking about the birth of her first child, her gorgeous little girl Ahelia!

Verna and husband Marvin did the course with me privately at around 20 weeks pregnant and then spent the remainder of her pregnancy getting familiar with the techniques and getting into a very positive mindset.

Things took a slight change during birth – Verna’s obstetrician couldn’t be at the birth and a  backup obstetrician stepped in – but this shows how hypnobirthing is very much an approach that the mum has within her regardless of where and with whom she is birthing.

Grab a drink and enjoy this wonderful recount of Ahelia’s birth!

Talking Homebirth

Here is a little video that I did with Kate Fraser about the topic of home-birth. Kate was a client of mine for her first birth and she has since gone on to study to be a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner herself.


Here we talk about her choosing to opt for a home-birth with her second pregnancy…


You can find Kate at – she is the gorgeous looking lady on the left whilst the thumbnail has decided to make me look daft 🙂

Home birth is a really great option for many women – do your research ladies, it is a safe and pleasing approach to birth for many women!

Kerry x

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