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Here is a little video that I did with Kate Fraser about the topic of home-birth. Kate was a client of mine for her first birth and she has since gone on to study to be a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner herself.


Here we talk about her choosing to opt for a home-birth with her second pregnancy…


You can find Kate at – she is the gorgeous looking lady on the left whilst the thumbnail has decided to make me look daft 🙂

Home birth is a really great option for many women – do your research ladies, it is a safe and pleasing approach to birth for many women!

Kerry x

I am very proud and happy with my experience it couldn’t have been any better!

Hey world, say hello to the gorgeous Penelope!

This little hypnobub was born Easter weekend and here her amazing mum Kristen tells us all about their fantastic birth getting to meet their baby girl, the role her “rock-star” husband played and how their baby girl arrived after 2 pushes…


“Just dropping you a note to share Miss Penelope’s welcome into our world. We completed our Hypnobirthing class in late January, I was due around the end of April – so completing the course at this time was great for my husband and I as it gave us plenty of time to practice all the techniques we would use during birthing.Continue reading “I am very proud and happy with my experience it couldn’t have been any better!”

Even just 6 weeks later I think I’m ready to do it again!

Here is a great story for how hypnobirthing helps with long labours and births that have a few twists and turns…


“Our beautiful baby boy Michael was born at 6:50pm on the 22nd Feb after an epic labour with just a few twists and turns! Continue reading “Even just 6 weeks later I think I’m ready to do it again!”

“Our midwife said she was so happy to have been part of such a lovely birth experience”.

Second time parents Vera and Stephen had already had a positive birth experience with their son but they were determined to give pregnancy number two the attention and preparation it deserved also.

I contacted them a few weeks before their estimated due date to see how they were doing only to learn that the day before they had met their baby girl…


“Hi Kerry, I’m in hospital right now after a wonderful birth bringing our nugget, Annaliese, into the world yesterday! 2 weeks early and perfect!Continue reading ““Our midwife said she was so happy to have been part of such a lovely birth experience”.”

The whole experience was the most amazing, beautiful, miraculous, strengthening, loving and awakening experience of my life and I would totally do it again.

Below is the birth story of baby Zahraa by mum Fatima, it is a beautiful account of a listening to your body, working as a team with your partner and being informed in the lead up to birth…

“My drug-free, intervention-free birth…

At 4am on the 23rd of January 2020 (my estimated due date), I started to feel light period cramps. I dismissed it as maybe Braxton Hicks or very early signs of labour. I went back to sleep and tried not to give it too much attention. I kept feeling a bit crampy till midday and at 1pm I was in the bathroom and saw what I think was a bloody show. I messaged my MGP midwife to let her know what I had seen. She told me it was a sign of labour and to keep her updated. So I knew then that what I was feeling were actually surges. I decided to stay calm and relax at home for the day. Continue reading “The whole experience was the most amazing, beautiful, miraculous, strengthening, loving and awakening experience of my life and I would totally do it again.”

“I have never felt such happiness, power and strength in myself as I did in that moment.”


Hypnomama Alli couldn’t wait to contact me after the birth of her baby girl Daisy! She said she it was “the perfect birth…every single thing she hoped it would be” and that she “absolutely smashed it…Gerard was the only drug I needed!”.

Read on to be inspired….



“I am writing my birth story whilst lying in a hospital bed 2 days after giving birth which even I know indicates my birth may well not have gone 100% to my plan but I cant help feeling how important it is to share my story so other women facing birth can be prepared for a range of outcomes and know that they do have options in their birth, after all, it is theirs and theirs alone. I also feel that when something does go very close to perfect for the birth of your child you should be singing it from the rooftops to give confidence to others not hiding behind those with a more traumatic story to tell.Continue reading ““I have never felt such happiness, power and strength in myself as I did in that moment.””

“My husband and all the staff at the hospital encouraged and supported me till the end which truly made a big difference”

Here is a beautiful birth story highlighting the importance of partner support, listening to your own body and impressing the hospital staff with your hypnobirthing skills!

“Hi Kerry,

I have some good news! Our little man Dario arrived into the world on Feb 25 at 5 pm after a short but intense labour. 

He is our second hypnobub!! 

Everybody at the hospital was so impressed with how I surfed through labour. Continue reading ““My husband and all the staff at the hospital encouraged and supported me till the end which truly made a big difference””

We walked away from the course feeling really informed, educated and comfortable with what was coming.

I love receiving these messages from mums who have had a really positive birthing experience. Welcome to the world Mila….

mila cunliffe 1

“Hi Kerry,

Just letting you know that our little girl arrived on Tuesday arvo after an induction at 38 weeks. We are all doing well and managed a natural birth despite needing an induction and monitoring of bubs heartbeat throughout the labour.

We are doing really well and got home on Wednesday arvo which was great!  Her name is Mila Sarah Arulananthan.
mila cunliffe 2
I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for the way you run your course. Karthee and I walked away from the course feeling really informed, educated and comfortable with what was coming.
Karthee was amazing throughout and helped me maintain control of my breathing when I felt like it was too hard and painful. Anyway, thank you again for helping take the fear away from our pregnancy and birth!
mila cunliffe 4
We went through RPA birth centre and because of the monitoring of bubs I had to do the labour in delivery ward but the birth centre midwife came across and stayed with us the whole time. We found all the doctors and midwives that we came across so lovely, calm and would explain everything really well. Such a great experience!
Hannah – mum to Mila”
mila cunliffe 3

“We actually had an amazingly calm birthing experience and I’m so happy I can look back at it with that memory”.

Welcome to the world baby Penny!! Here mum Jen tells us about her induced labour at 2 weeks past her estimated due date….
penny o'reilly 1
“Hi Kerry,
Thanks so much for reaching out, our little bub was stubborn and didn’t want to leave her cosy home so at 2 weeks overdue we went in for an induction which was not what I wanted but we had done our research and were prepared for it.
I did have cervadil and luckily my own waters broke a couple of hours after it was inserted  so I was then able to have the natural vaginal birth I wanted.
Our midwives were amazing at RPA and supported our hypnobirthing, we had a very calm low lit room with our candles and aromatherapy oil going.
penny o'reilly 2
I had my tracks playing in the background and used my breathing and positioning learned from our course.
I won’t lie it was extremely painful but we managed to get through it and baby Penny was amazing and turned into the perfect position right before delivery and I managed to push her out in 10 minutes so I think all the exercises and practice I had done in the lead up really worked!
Although we ended up doing an induction we actually had an amazingly calm birthing experience and I’m so happy I can look back at it with that memory.
Our baby Penny was perfectly healthy and now we are trying to navigate parenthood which is a whole other challenge!
penny o'reilly 3
Just wanted to thank you so much as seriously we used everything we learned and all the practice was worth it!
Thank you again and as I said before I have been recommending this to all of my friends as something they need to do!
Jen, Paul and baby Penny
P.s I have included some pics of Penny just born and 1 day old”

“We felt so prepared and educated before I went into labour. It was an incredible experience and I’d do it all again!”

Sit back and enjoy this positive birth story – welcome to the world Archie Rocket!!!

“Hey Kerry!

So finally typing up the birth story of Archie Rocket Clayton Smee, born 7th April, 1.30pm weighing 3.5kg :).

The initial reason we reached out to you was through a recommendation. Mark was dealing with a lot of anxiety around Archie’s birth and our friend mentioned that hypnobirthing could really help. The antenatal classes at hospital filled him with dread resulting in panic attacks and at one stage having to leave the class. The clinical, practical nature of them work for some people but not for Mark, and it wasn’t until we started hypnobirthing classes did I realise how little I really knew about what my birth could look like and how much control I could have over it. The classes really opened my eyes to how incredible the female body is and what we’re capable of. Antenatal classes were very clinical and practical and skirted around the most exciting and wonderful aspects of giving birth.

Before our hypnobirthing journey my idea of birth was … panic, waters break, rush to hospital, park the car, smash some gas, maybe some morphine, ask for the epidural, give birth, get stitched up, feel nothing! 

Hypnobirthing was a very enlightening experience for both myself and Mark!


So in terms of how it unfolded… (it’s a long story)….

I went into labour Saturday morning around 2.00am, I couldn’t tell if my waters had broken so the hospital asked me to go in at 7.00am to check due to the 24 hours before infection becomes a concern. After a few tests they confirmed they had started to leak so ideally they wanted me back within 24 hours. My contractions were mild, and I went home as I wanted to labour there as long as possible. The head OB on duty wondered why I didn’t want to stay in hospital as I was in labour, at this point I was 1 cm dilated. Through hypnobirthing we had learnt that the best place to be when labouring is a place where you feel safe, secure and calm. It can help to establish contractions through the stable release of hormones especially oxytocin. Once we started to move around, trips to hospital etc I noticed my contractions subsided. 

By 11.00pm we were putting everything I had learnt into action, aromatherapy, breathing, music, visualisations, meditations etc. Mark was amazing and administered acupressure during every contraction. Just after 11.00pm my waters properly broke, this became apparent as I watched bucket loads of water hit our new wooden floor. I checked the colour of the fluid and I could see there was some meconium in there, so we were concerned that Archie might have been in distress. He was actually already 10 days late so it could also have been that he just needed to do a long awaited poo.. but we didn’t want to risk it so we went to the hospital.

When we got into the birthing suite we gave our birth preferences to the midwife who was lovely and really open to reading and walking through them with us. Once in the room they checked my progress and I was still only 1cm dilated. Things weren’t moving along. After getting settled the OB came in and explained his plan. He wanted to put me on an epidural so I could sleep, I’d been awake 24 hours since going into labour and he felt I needed to conserve energy.  

I’m also epileptic and he was concerned that if I didn’t sleep I was at risk of a fit, which is completely understandable. I’ve been an epileptic for 25 years and on medication and felt 100% confident in my ability to give birth with a very small risk of having a fit. I understand that everything he was suggesting was in my best interests but at that stage it wasn’t what I wanted. I said I wanted to labour as long as possible without an epidural because I wanted to feel what it was like to give birth.

At this point I asked him if he had ready my birth preferences which was geared towards a natural birth? He apologised and said he hadn’t, once he had he understood my approach. 

Following all this I was hooked up to the baby heart rate monitor, after an hour or so Archie’s heart rate was bouncing up and down and the doctor recommended establishing my contractions / speeding them up, using syntocin. It was worrying and I had no idea if these were false positives and wasn’t willing to take a chance. They administered the syntocin and I laboured for another 6 hours with no pain relief. The acupressure, oils and music helped a lot. I also found that vocals when breathing gave me some real focus and relief. This wasn’t something I had expected, I thought the crazy noises women made when giving birth was due to the pain, but actually it is really soothing! 

After the 6 hours Archie’s heart rate dropped again and the OB said that if it didn’t begin to stabilise they would take me to theatre. I asked if there was anything else they could try, I wasn’t ready for a c-section and felt that we hadn’t exhausted all options. So he ran a bag of saline through me and Archie’s heart rate stabilised. Constantly through this process I was referring to the BRAIN acronym.


After another hour I still wasn’t dilating, labouring on the syntocin was exhausting. They wanted to increase the dose further, they suggested it was probably time for an epidural and I agreed. After another 5 or so hours on the epidural they then came and checked progress. I was only 2.5cm dilated, FFS! God he did not want to come out! At this point they started to float the idea of a ‘plan b’ c-section. The OB was still unhappy with the baby’s fluctuating heart rate and I wasn’t dilating. Again, I asked if there was anything else they could do to buy some time so he suggested he do a stress test to see how the baby was coping. This involved scratching the baby’s head and testing for stress hormones. However, when he went to find the babys head it was still at -3, this was actually comical, they couldn’t reach his head do a stress test.

After another couple of hours the new OB came on duty. He said that I still wasn’t dilating and my cervix had begun to harden and that really the only option now was a c-section. I went into this completely open minded but was tired and emotional. Mark, Amanda our doula and the midwives were amazing and really helped me through this moment. I felt that I had been in complete control of my birthing experience and done/tried everything possible for a natural birth which made me feel empowered and comfortable with my decisions.

Prior to going into theatre we had asked the surgeons to take a look at our caesarean birth preferences, we actually never thought we would need them. The surgeons were a bit hesitant, they said ‘isn’t the goal to get the baby out?’ However, once they read them they were totally on board and incredible. Some of the things we requested included a delayed cord clamp, skin on skin after he was pulled out etc. The anaesthetist was a total legend and took heaps of photos and videos for us of every step of the birth. Meanwhile I wasn’t quite expecting the effect of the drugs / spinal block and it was at this point I used all my hypnobirthing visualisations which calmed me down and I felt way less panicky, they really helped me through it.

After a few minutes of rummaging around we heard a little bleet, it sounded like they were pulling out a goat, then we heard the scream and saw our beautiful son Archie Rocket Clayton Smee. The most mind-blowing experience of our lives… after burning man…joking!

Through the 40 hours it took to bring Archie into the world, the midwifes (who managed to get Mark into the theatre), doctors, anaesthetist, the surgeons at Randwick women’s were amazing and such a huge support.

I can’t rate Kerry’s hypnobirthing class enough. Firstly, anyone who suffers from generalised anxiety or anxiety around the birth itself Kerry’s course is incredible. Her kind and intelligent approach to her classes removed a-lot of the unknowns for us and also brought back the feeling of excitement, wonder and joy that should be part of the birthing journey. We felt so prepared and educated before I went into labour. I had a whole ‘toolbox’ to help me relax, breathe, visualise to get the most positive outcome for my birth.  I was able to weigh in on most of the decisions that were made which made me feel I was in control throughout, regardless of the interventions that happened. 

It was an incredible experience and I’d do it all again!

Thanks Kerry.

Love Jules and Mark”

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