Women’s health physio Laura Hill talks about the importance of looking after yourself both before and after birth!

Laura Hill, women’s health physio at imovephysiotherapy joins me for a 10 minute chat. In the video we talk about:

  • the most common reasons women see a physio during pregnancy
  • what she wishes more women would seek help for
  • how including a women’s health physio in your birth preparation is so important
  • why you shouldn’t just consider 6 weeks after birth as being the ‘green light’ to start exercising again

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Verna’s video account of Ahelia’s amazing birth!

Watch this wonderful video of hypnobirthing mum Verna talking about the birth of her first child, her gorgeous little girl Ahelia!

Verna and husband Marvin did the course with me privately at around 20 weeks pregnant and then spent the remainder of her pregnancy getting familiar with the techniques and getting into a very positive mindset.

Things took a slight change during birth – Verna’s obstetrician couldn’t be at the birth and a  backup obstetrician stepped in – but this shows how hypnobirthing is very much an approach that the mum has within her regardless of where and with whom she is birthing.

Grab a drink and enjoy this wonderful recount of Ahelia’s birth!

Talking Homebirth

Here is a little video that I did with Kate Fraser about the topic of home-birth. Kate was a client of mine for her first birth and she has since gone on to study to be a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner herself.


Here we talk about her choosing to opt for a home-birth with her second pregnancy…


You can find Kate at http://www.mindfulbirthingsydney.com – she is the gorgeous looking lady on the left whilst the thumbnail has decided to make me look daft 🙂

Home birth is a really great option for many women – do your research ladies, it is a safe and pleasing approach to birth for many women!

Kerry x

I am very proud and happy with my experience it couldn’t have been any better!

Hey world, say hello to the gorgeous Penelope!

This little hypnobub was born Easter weekend and here her amazing mum Kristen tells us all about their fantastic birth getting to meet their baby girl, the role her “rock-star” husband played and how their baby girl arrived after 2 pushes…


“Just dropping you a note to share Miss Penelope’s welcome into our world. We completed our Hypnobirthing class in late January, I was due around the end of April – so completing the course at this time was great for my husband and I as it gave us plenty of time to practice all the techniques we would use during birthing. Continue reading

Even just 6 weeks later I think I’m ready to do it again!

Here is a great story for how hypnobirthing helps with long labours and births that have a few twists and turns…


“Our beautiful baby boy Michael was born at 6:50pm on the 22nd Feb after an epic labour with just a few twists and turns!  Continue reading

“Our midwife said she was so happy to have been part of such a lovely birth experience”.

Second time parents Vera and Stephen had already had a positive birth experience with their son but they were determined to give pregnancy number two the attention and preparation it deserved also.

I contacted them a few weeks before their estimated due date to see how they were doing only to learn that the day before they had met their baby girl…


“Hi Kerry, I’m in hospital right now after a wonderful birth bringing our nugget, Annaliese, into the world yesterday! 2 weeks early and perfect! Continue reading

The whole experience was the most amazing, beautiful, miraculous, strengthening, loving and awakening experience of my life and I would totally do it again.

Below is the birth story of baby Zahraa by mum Fatima, it is a beautiful account of a listening to your body, working as a team with your partner and being informed in the lead up to birth…

“My drug-free, intervention-free birth…

At 4am on the 23rd of January 2020 (my estimated due date), I started to feel light period cramps. I dismissed it as maybe Braxton Hicks or very early signs of labour. I went back to sleep and tried not to give it too much attention. I kept feeling a bit crampy till midday and at 1pm I was in the bathroom and saw what I think was a bloody show. I messaged my MGP midwife to let her know what I had seen. She told me it was a sign of labour and to keep her updated. So I knew then that what I was feeling were actually surges. I decided to stay calm and relax at home for the day. Continue reading

“I have never felt such happiness, power and strength in myself as I did in that moment.”

Hypnomama Alli couldn’t wait to contact me after the birth of her baby girl Daisy! She said she it was “the perfect birth…every single thing she hoped it would be” and that she “absolutely smashed it…Gerard was the only drug I needed!”.

Read on to be inspired….



“I am writing my birth story whilst lying in a hospital bed 2 days after giving birth which even I know indicates my birth may well not have gone 100% to my plan but I cant help feeling how important it is to share my story so other women facing birth can be prepared for a range of outcomes and know that they do have options in their birth, after all, it is theirs and theirs alone. I also feel that when something does go very close to perfect for the birth of your child you should be singing it from the rooftops to give confidence to others not hiding behind those with a more traumatic story to tell. Continue reading

“My husband and all the staff at the hospital encouraged and supported me till the end which truly made a big difference”

Here is a beautiful birth story highlighting the importance of partner support, listening to your own body and impressing the hospital staff with your hypnobirthing skills!

“Hi Kerry,

I have some good news! Our little man Dario arrived into the world on Feb 25 at 5 pm after a short but intense labour. 

He is our second hypnobub!! 

Everybody at the hospital was so impressed with how I surfed through labour. Continue reading

We walked away from the course feeling really informed, educated and comfortable with what was coming.

I love receiving these messages from mums who have had a really positive birthing experience. Welcome to the world Mila….

mila cunliffe 1

“Hi Kerry,

Just letting you know that our little girl arrived on Tuesday arvo after an induction at 38 weeks. We are all doing well and managed a natural birth despite needing an induction and monitoring of bubs heartbeat throughout the labour.

We are doing really well and got home on Wednesday arvo which was great!  Her name is Mila Sarah Arulananthan.
mila cunliffe 2
I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for the way you run your course. Karthee and I walked away from the course feeling really informed, educated and comfortable with what was coming.
Karthee was amazing throughout and helped me maintain control of my breathing when I felt like it was too hard and painful. Anyway, thank you again for helping take the fear away from our pregnancy and birth!
mila cunliffe 4
We went through RPA birth centre and because of the monitoring of bubs I had to do the labour in delivery ward but the birth centre midwife came across and stayed with us the whole time. We found all the doctors and midwives that we came across so lovely, calm and would explain everything really well. Such a great experience!
Hannah – mum to Mila”
mila cunliffe 3