Who is ‘The Hypnobirthing Mum’?

Hi, my name is Kerry and I run ‘The HypnoBirthing Mum’. I feel passionately about teaching hypnobirthing to expectant mothers and birth partners because I was once in your situation and I know how much value this technique can add to making birth a wonderful experience for mother, baby and partner.

Choosing someone to work with to support you in preparing for the birth of your baby is a decision that should be based on trust, confidence and respect, and ultimately you should feel safe working with that person. In order to tell you a bit more about myself, below I have highlighted some of the experience and qualifications I have so you can feel confident in my ability to help prepare you for your baby’s arrival.


I have been there and done it – 3 times!

When I first heard about hypnobirthing I admit I was a bit sceptical although it didn’t take me long to sign up as if there was even a small chance of having a calm, positive and empowering birth then I didn’t want to risk missing out on this! I have had three wonderful births with my children – Hollie, Bethany and Jack – but also found the hypnobirthing techniques extremely useful during pregnancy and following birth. Hypnobirthing provided me with the knowledge, techniques and strategy that made me feel prepared and confident about going into labour and giving birth.

The hypnobirthing courses that I run are certified through Hypnobirthing Australia™ which offers a modern, uniquely Australian hypnobirthing experience to parents and childbirth professionals. Hypnobirthing Australia™ is recognised both nationally and internationally and possesses one of the most comprehensive and inspiring range of birth videos available in Australia. I provide clients with a folio of hypnobirthing resources along with two hypnobirthing albums, an eBook and a practice video.

The programme I run is 12 hours in total and is the most comprehensive, realistic and supportive programme available to mothers and their birth partners that I have ever found. When delivering this course I present the content in an understanding and reassuring manner and feel privileged to support mothers and their birth partners towards a calm and positive birthing experience.

Experience & Qualifications

With a background in Psychology, Counselling and Mental Health, I have worked extensively with people living with a range of psychological concerns.

I have provided high-volume, low-intensity mental health interventions to people experiencing common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety using evidence-based principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I have been lead coordinator at a GP surgery’s counselling team and providing integrative counselling to patients experiencing a diverse range of problems including relationship issues, self-esteem and confidence, mental health issues and bereavement. Within these roles I have experience of liaising and working with GPs, primary healthcare teams, voluntary organisations and have amassed 100’s of hours working directly with clients in either a group or individual setting.

The psychological and physical health of new and expectant mums is now the primary focus of my work.

The most relevant qualifications I have obtained include:

  • Bsc (Hons) Psychology – undergraduate degree, University of Manchester, UK.
  • MPhil Psychology – postgraduate degree, University of Manchester, UK.
  • PgCert APIMH – Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Practice Interventions in Mental Health, University of Manchester, UK.
  • DipCouns – Diploma of Counselling (Integrative counselling), Bolton College, UK.
  • DipNLP – Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Centre of Excellence, UK.
  • HPCE – HypnoBirthing Practitioner & Childbirth Educator, Hypnobirthing Australia™.

If you would like an informal chat about either the hypnobirthing programme or any other aspect of coming on a course then please contact me.


0451 771 723




What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a holistic approach to birth that prepares the mother, baby and birth partners towards a positive and empowering birthing experience.

The hypnotherapy aspect of hypnobirthing concentrates on eliminating any fears we associate with birth in order to break the fear-tension-pain syndrome.  Alongside the self-hypnosis skills that hypnotherapy teaches, techniques including relaxation, breathing and visualisation are also incorporated so that both the psychological and physical elements of birth are covered. Further to this, people who undertake hypnobirthing are also provided with information regarding the choices they have during birth. Together this provides you with the comprehensive knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your birthing experience.

When a mother and her birth partner can approach childbirth feeling prepared with the right knowledge, information and tools this results in a positive and confident mindset that can lead to the beautiful births that so many women hope for.

Other benefits of hypnobirthing include its ability to create an atmosphere that supports a calm and positive birth with a reduced need for medical interventions. Importantly, the HypnoBirthing Australia™ programme takes a realistic view about birth though and the fact that sometimes medical intervention is needed or even chosen. Whilst many of us may wish for a natural, drug-free birth, if your birthing experience does not happen to follow this route then the hypnobirthing course and its content will greatly assist you in these scenarios too. It prepares the right mindset for a positive birth and the skills it develops can be used before, during and after in order to benefit mum, baby and people around them.

You can attend hypnobirthing classes at any point during your pregnancy. The ideal time is between 20-30 weeks so that you have time to practice the techniques and alter your mindset towards one that views birth in a more confident manner, however with the right level of determination and enthusiasm a mother can attend anytime up to 37 weeks.

All expectant mothers deserve the opportunity to birth their babies in the most empowering way possible and hypnobirthing can help mothers and birth partners achieve that.


Kerry Sutcliffe is an award winning hypnobirthing practitioner based in Sydney. She provides group and private hypnobirthing and childbirth education courses to pregnant women and their birth partner, and can also offer online programs. She has a background in counselling and psychology and currently works as a researcher in the school of medicine at a Sydney based university researching how antenatal education impacts birthing outcomes for mothers and babies.

You can find out more about Kerry and the courses she offers at:

Who is The Hypnobirthing Mum? 

Hypnobirthing and childbirth education courses

Hypnobirthing – a Dad’s perspective

Most things related to pregnancy and childbirth revolve around the mums and babies, but Dad’s shouldn’t be forgotten about – they did play a fairly significant part in kick-starting this journey after all!

Below is an account from an initially sceptical Dad and his experience of using hypnobirthing to support his wife during the births of their three children.


“The excitement I had as a first-time dad about meeting my baby was matched only by the fear I had for how they would arrive and the unknown event that is ‘giving birth’. I felt completely out of control and had no idea of what to expect. I was worried about how to respond if things didn’t go according to plan and didn’t really know what I could do to help and support my wife. This was unknown territory for me as in both my personal and professional life I was used to being the person who made decisions, took ownership of situations and generally had things in control.

My wife signed us up for a hypnobirthing course which I was initially very sceptical of and to be honest I would have rather spent my weekend in the pub watching sport.  After a couple of hours on the first day however, I started to buy into this approach. We covered some relaxation techniques and discussed the event of giving birth and I was already more relaxed about the whole thing.

At 37 weeks our baby remained in the breach position so we were offered to either have the baby turned (an External Cephalic Version procedure) or have a planned caesarean. Despite now feeling more prepared about birth my immediate choice was to have the c-section as it took all the pressure off me and would be a medically planned procedure – the easy option for me! My wife however, completely calm about the whole thing and un-phased about the thought of giving birth, opted for the baby to be turned so she could still have the chance to experience a natural birth.

During the ECV my wife used the hypnobirthing techniques she had been taught to relax throughout the (often rough and physically demanding) procedure, meaning our baby also remained calm throughout and was successfully turned.

After I had seen my wife use the hypnobirthing techniques in a real situation my level of nervousness about the big day reduced significantly. When we did go into labour the hypnobirthing techniques were a massive help, with my wife remaining at home until she was fully dilated using only the methods we had learnt on our course and a TENS machine. Her calmness and total control of the situation made me feel completely at ease.  We didn’t have a completely straight-forward birth but the whole experience was still perfect due to my wife’s ability to remain calm and focussed regardless of what twists we experienced along the way.

We have since had two more children and I was genuinely excited for both births as I knew my wife had the skills and techniques needed to help her through the pregnancy and labour.  Without doubt, hypnobirthing allowed us to have three stress-free, calm and perfect birth experiences.

It is for this reason that I would highly recommend the course to both mums and dads as I can assure you that it is time well spent – even if you do have to miss an afternoon or two in the pub!” – John, a hypnobirthing convert and dad to 3!

10 Reasons why you should do a Hypnobirthing Mum course.

You’re pregnant. You can’t wait to hold your little bundle of joy in your arms. But, wait! For the baby to be in your arms – it needs to come out!!

For many women the thought of giving birth is one that is tainted by negative stories from family and friends or dramatized by TV and movies. Images of women screaming, shouting as many expletives as possible at their spouse and acting as if their body has been taken over by aliens.

However, the fact that you are reading this article on The HypnoBirthing Mum means that you are probably one of a growing number of women who believe (or at least hope!) birth doesn’t have to be this way. And thankfully, it doesn’t. Below are 10 reasons why choosing to do a HypnoBirthing Mum course will be the best investment you make for yourself and your baby!


1. Remain calm and relaxed throughout labour and birth

The fear-tension-pain cycle works on the concept that if we can eliminate fear, we will feel more relaxed and experience lower levels of pain. The hypnotherapy element of HypnoBirthing tackles these fears with self-hypnosis and positive affirmations. Alongside this, breathing and visualisation techniques are also incorporated so that both the psychological and physical elements of birth are covered. The result is a more calm and relaxing environment in which to birth your baby.

2. Benefits to baby

Babies born when the mum has been using a HypnoBirthing approach are often said to be calmer babies who sleep well and feed better. Studies also show that they have higher APGAR scores (these indicate how well a baby is doing outside the womb) in the moments after birth.

3. Involves the birth partner

The HypnoBirthing Mum course isn’t just geared towards the mum it also places a heavy emphasis on the role of your birth partner. Whether you choose your partner, mum, friend or a doula to be your birth partner, the course will show them how they can support you during pregnancy, how to be your advocate during the birth, and gives them real, tangible things to do in a situation where they can so often feel quite useless.

4. Be informed about your choices

When a mother and her birth partner can approach childbirth feeling prepared with the right knowledge, information and tools this results in a positive and confident mindset that can lead to the beautiful births that so many women hope for. The HypnoBirthing Mum courses cover many aspects of the birthing process that equips you with the knowledge needed to make informed choices about the options you have when giving birth.

5. Reduced medicalisation of birth

More and more research is providing independent clinical evidence that a HypnoBirthing approach to birth reduces the need for medical interventions including epidurals and caesareans, less drugs used during labour and shorter hospital stays following birth. Throughout the ages giving birth has been a natural event that woman would celebrate and embrace, and it is only in the relatively recent past that we have started to use increasingly medicalised interventions. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that only approx. 10% of births require a caesarean for genuine medical reasons yet statistics show its currently more than 30% and is continuing to rise. It is time to go back towards more natural methods for supporting childbirth – the act of giving birth isn’t changing, our approach to it is!

6. Offers you strategies for childbirth

For arguably the most important event in our lives, women often go into childbirth unprepared, uninformed and unsuspecting of what is about to happen. A HypnoBirthing Mum course will provide you with tangible skills and techniques that you can weave into your birth-plan and builds a strategy for both you and your birth partner to follow – “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin.

7. You can’t re-do the birth

Welcoming your baby into the world should be the most joyous occasion you ever experience. There’s no doubting once you are holding your new addition to the family in your arms you will be consumed with love and happiness, but wouldn’t it also be great to look back on the whole of your labour with fondness and affection. Investing in a HypnoBirthing Mum course where you develop the skills, techniques and knowledge for a positive and calm birth can help you achieve this and have the most empowering start to motherhood possible. “Childbirth education is one of the most important investments you can make for you baby. You can sell the pram if it doesn’t suit…but you don’t get to ‘re-do’ their birth” Melissa Spilsted, HypnoBirthing Australia Director.

8. Can be used regardless of how and where you give birth

Courses devised by HypnoBirthing Australia™ and run by The HypnoBirthing Mum have been created to support mother, baby and birth partners regardless of how and where you give birth. There is no judgment on one of our courses, in fact, there is even a course specifically designed for Caesarean births! The techniques you learn and the knowledge you gain will be invaluable to you whatever path your birth takes.

9. Techniques can be used before, during and after giving birth

You will learn breathing techniques, positive affirmations and self-hypnosis on a course. All of these can be used to help enjoy you pregnancy, to have a positive birth experience, and then also once your baby has arrived to create a beautiful bond with your baby.

10. Positive and empowering birth experience

The advantages of Hypnobirthing to you and your baby are endless. If you want the opportunity to have a positive and empowering birth experience with all the benefits listed above then visit www.thehypnobirthingmum.com.au for more information, course details and how to book into a course.


Kerry Sutcliffe is an award winning hypnobirthing practitioner based in Sydney. She provides group and private hypnobirthing and childbirth education courses to pregnant women and their birth partner, and can also offer online programs. She has a background in counselling and psychology and currently works as a researcher in the school of medicine at a Sydney based university researching how antenatal education impacts birthing outcomes for mothers and babies.

You can find out more about Kerry and the courses she offers at:

Who is The Hypnobirthing Mum? 

Hypnobirthing and childbirth education courses


3 children, 3 stories – the power of hypnobirthing in different birthing experiences!

Leading up to the birth of my first child I completed a HypnoBirthing course for many reasons – to reduce the fear I had associated with birth due to other people’s stories of childbirth, to provide myself with tangible techniques that I could use during the birth, and to help create a calm environment for my child to be born into. I also had a birth-plan that set out my desire to have a drug-free waterbirth. Sitting here now having had three children in under three years, I can testify that children (especially toddlers!!) often interfere with your plans – HypnoBirthing, however, is even more useful under these circumstances!

Now bare with me while I briefly talk you through the different scenarios I encountered as despite these I can genuinely say I DID have three wonderful births.

In the lead up to my first baby, my daughter Hollie was still in a breech position at 38 weeks and I opted for an ECV (external cephalic version where they turn the baby whilst they are in utero) which was successful and I then had a wonderful birth but subsequently had a retained placenta and needed surgery. My second daughter Bethany decided Mummy’s uterus was a very hospitable place and at 12 days overdue I made the choice to be induced. And with my little boy Jack I finally had the water-birth I had dreamt of since the moment I first saw two lines on a pregnancy test!!

So how did HypnoBirthing help me manage these experiences? More than I ever thought imaginable!

Initially I had pinned all my thoughts on the actual act of giving birth yet with the unexpected decision to have my first child turned whilst in the womb I instinctively used the techniques I had gained from Hypnobirthing to manage this. The techniques I had learnt such as breathing, and visualisation assisted me throughout the ECV and during the surgery I had due to a retained placenta. Likewise, my labour progressed quickly after being induced with my second child, but again, Hypnobirthing succeeded in handling this. And even though I had the birth I had always wanted with my third baby, I then had three young children who are all reliant on me and the relaxation techniques hypnobirthing gave me have been used in abundance since!

When I first began hypnobirthing classes I never imagined that it would help in so many ways and that regardless of what your birthing experience turns out to be, it truly can be an empowering and positive occasion.

I wouldn’t change anything about the three births I have experienced. I have had three different birth experiences and each one taught me something about how amazing the female body is and that no matter how a baby decides to enter this world hypnobirthing can be useful before, during and after their arrival.

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