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5 years ago today I was ready and “due” to meet our first baby – but she hadn’t received the memo!

It has just occurred to me that 5 years ago today I was “due” to have our first baby! Little did I know then that (in a further 10 days time) I would be giving birth and it would be the most wonderfully empowering experience of my life!


I am so thankful that I stumbled across hypnobirthing because up until that point I thought birth was an extremely painful and agonising event that I just had to get through if I wanted to have a baby.


But once I found hypnobirthing it made so much sense to me. In every other aspect of my life if I have an important event coming up – a job interview, moving house, starting a business – I put plans in place to make this transition go smoothly. So why hadn’t I been doing anything about preparing to give birth and meet our baby?! I don’t mean preparing for a baby in terms of getting ready by buying all the items they need, I’d done plenty of that and like many first-time mums had got carried away buying lots of cute things that I didn’t actually know if I needed or not. It was the actual physical act of giving birth that I had done nothing about, I was literally going to turn up on the day and hope for the best because I didn’t know there was an alternative.


Hypnobirthing gave me both the practical techniques and strategies to manage the birth that awaited us and also the mental and emotional confidence to go into birth feeling like I was made to do this. And I WAS made to do it! I distinctly remember saying after Hollie’s birth that “I would do that again today”! And that attitude carried through to the births of our other children Bethany and Jack, who by the way were also “overdue” by 12 and 8 days respectively.


Since training as a Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner I have become more informed about due dates. The course I initially did to prepare for my baby’s birth wasn’t anywhere near as comprehensive and informative as the Hypnobirthing Australia™ programme. Prior to this I wasn’t even aware that a normal length of pregnancy was anything up to 42 weeks gestation.


So 5 years ago I did find myself feeling a little sad and admittedly a bit nervous about the fact that my baby was going to be “overdue” if she didn’t make an appearance today. Thankfully I had caregivers around me who were happy to mindfully watch and wait for baby to decide when she was ready to make an appearance. Baby was doing well and there were no indications that they needed to intervene at this stage – or at any stage over the next week and half.


And as a result of this approach, our firstborn Hollie decided that on this day 5 years ago, she wasn’t ready to be born yet, John and I would have to wait another 10 days until we were to meet – but her and the birth she gave me were more than worth the wait!


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