“I’m still on cloud nine after the birth” – the VBAC birth of Eleanor Rose!

It was such a pleasure to work with Emily & Chris again for their second child. Their first-born Alfie was about to become a big brother and Emily was seeking a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)…

“Thought I’d send you some more details on the birth of our daughter, Eleanor (Elle), born 31.12.2020 at 5pm, just in time for an NYE party somewhere!
I thought that as per my first labour, this birth would happen around 38 weeks, be fast and furious and that I wouldn’t have any pre-labour beforehand. I was wrong, it was pretty much the opposite experience.
For context, my first was frank breech with a failed ECV at 36 weeks and a natural breech birth attempt (supported by Dr Bisits at the RHW public hospital).
Having taken a Hypnobirthing group course with Kerry prior to learning my son was breech I was feeling empowered and educated about birth and variations of normal so was very keen to have a trial of labour. Still full of energy and with no hints of pre labour I thought I’d probably go past my due date as most first time mum’s do so I was rather surprised when it all kicked off with a bang (literally my waters went like a bang!) spontaneously at my own house warming party at 38 weeks.
Due to my son being breech I went into the hospital for monitoring and all was very relaxed while I stayed in overnight. I woke up to feel some tightenings in the early hours and listened to the Hypnobirthing tracks and dozed between them. At about 7am the midwise said I could go up to the delivery suite and as my husband arrived the surges ramped up in intensity. Within 3hrs I was ready to push. The labour was textbook, just two vaginal examinations and no drugs or interventions. Dr Bisits had the delivery kit ready and asked my husband if he was keen to cut the cord. As bub was breech they asked me to go onto the birthing stool to push and there was (what seemed like) a small crowd of people around me. It was intense.
Unfortunately that is where the textbook slammed shut. After pushing for an hour I could feel that nothing was moving down, babies head was still high underneath my ribs. His heart rate was failing to recover after each surge and all eyes in the room were glued to the monitors. Dr Bisits apologised and said we needed to go for a caesarean. I was prepared for this outcome and had a plan in case this happened, I asked for the screen to be lowered so I could see baby be lifted out. I don’t know what happened next but the room became a blur with people rushing in, shouting and instructions. I was told there was no time for an epidural and that I had to go under general anaesthetic. I was still calm until they shut the theatre door on my husband and asked someone for a pair of scissors to cut off my bra. The last thing I remember is shouting, ‘that bra was expensive I can take it off myself’ then a mask was on my face and I was out.
Four hours later I woke up, alone in recovery, no bump, no baby, no husband. I was quickly taken up to postnatal ward and met my son which was a beautiful union. The second I heard him screaming in the lift I knew he was mine. I can honestly say that the labour was fantastic and I would to it again in a second. My situation was rare and I suffered trauma from the theatre experience as well as postnatal depression, I knew if I had another I’d get baby across the finish line under my own steam.
Two years later and I fell pregnant with our daughter. I knew I wanted a VBAC and was supported from the start with the midwifery group practice care I was under at the Royal Hospital for Women. My pregnancy was once again very straight forward and I just needed to convince the assigned OB that I wanted to have a VBAC. I’d been warned he wasn’t the most pro-VBAC, however, he was thrilled to support me and was very confident it would happen.
My husband and I took a Hypnobirthing refresher course with Kerry and discussed the fears and trauma from my first birth and how I could be supported in this labour to work through it with tools and strategies to feel safe. This was a great opportunity to remember the toolkit and consider it in the context of having laboured previously. It also gave my husband and I an opportunity to talk about our wishes and things that had and hadn’t worked in the previous labour.
At my 33 week appointment it seemed my daughter had other plans as after being head down the whole time she’d flipped to the dreaded “breech”. So once again, I was back on the spinning babies, doing everything I could to turn her. Although I’d always said that if my second was breech I’d book in a caesarean, the reality of not going into labour made my heart sink. I started researching ECVs on previous caesarean and was ready to even go back to Dr Bisits to ask if he’d support a breech VBAC if it came to it. At my 36 week appointment, an ultrasound confirmed she had indeed turned head down and I did a little dance of joy. The last few weeks of my pregnancy I felt rotten. With lots of pre-labour I felt like every night I’d wake up with my waters breaking but every morning I’d wake up with no labour. At my 39 week appointment we discussed induction and I felt the pressure set in to get this baby out before 40 weeks. However, again feeling educated and empowered I knew that 42 weeks was the real due date if there was no medically strong reason to get her out any sooner.
Luckily, I didn’t have to have any induction conversation as on the day before New Year’s Eve having brunch with a friend I knew I was having contractions. That day the surges came and went and I grew excited knowing that soon I’d be meeting my baby.
Unlike with my first birth the surges were very light and quick and occasionally fizzled out if I changed what I was doing. So New Years Eve morning rolls around and I called the midwife and told her the length of the contractions. Given how quickly my first labour progressed she recommended coming in and I was keen to not birth in the car so we strapped on the tens machine and headed into the Royal at about 8am. I knew that the tightenings although frequent weren’t strong and indeed the midwife confirmed I was just 2cms upon arrival. So, she helped us make the room our own fitted the mobile monitors. She was supportive of our decision to decline antibiotics (GBS positive) and to not have a cannula inserted into my hand which are policy for VBAC at this hospital and left us to it. Me with my tens machine, glam gown and noise cancelling headphones (toggling between Hypnobirthing affirmations and a house and techno playlist) and my husband ready to do light touch when I indicated.
Four hours later, I’d been working hard and feeling good. I was 4cms. Not quite as far along as I’d hoped but not bad. Another 2 hours later, 5cms. At this point I felt like I was working VERY hard to be only half way to the magic 10. The mobile monitors didn’t like it every time I moved my body into a surge and kept losing signal. I’d originally requested the scalp clip monitor but this can only be attached once the waters have broken and they can reach the babies head. I felt like my progress was slow because my waters hadn’t gone so when my midwife offered to break them and attach the scalp clip I was happy to consent.
Unfortunately, every time I was examined or there was an intervention I was bleeding and this became more and more. It was pretty scary seeing so much blood and not getting a good read on my daughter’s heart rate. When the OB came in she commented that if this continued I’d have to go for caesarean. Of course I was prepared for this and said to her I was comfortable with a caesarean if it came to it but I needed to be awake when my daughter was born. She said if I wanted to be awake I needed to get an epidural now else we might end up going under general anaesthetic again. In that comment all of my confidence was gone, totally gone. I shouted to get me the epidural right away. My midwife kindly tried to soften what the OB had said and continued to encourage me but I was freaked. I could not be asleep again when my baby was born. I demanded the epidural. I knew it was still possible to have a VBAC with one but it would slow things down and there’s a much higher chance of having an assisted birth (forceps/vacuum). The midwife went away and came back to say that the anaesthetist had 3 women in front of me and he’d be about 1.5hrs to get to me. During this time, the scalp clip was on and they could see that baby was looking good. My midwife continued to encourage me to ‘just have my baby’. I remember she made it sound so simple and this really helped get my head back in the game.
The surges were growing in intensity and I headed onto a mat and a ball on the floor to try and refocus. My husband said that I was only feeling unnerved because I was in transition but I didn’t believe him, I’d only been 5cms about 20minutes ago. No sooner had I gotten down on the mat but I felt the contractions changing and I wanted to start baring down. I couldn’t believe it but as I struggled back over to the bed the midwife calmly said, ‘oh yes, you’re 10cms now, do you still want that epidural?’
My midwife adjusted the bed so that I could lean over the back of it on an all fours position. She helped guide me to harness the energy into the pushing and get behind the baby. When I did this I started to feel her move down. It was THE most satisfying feeling ever. It was everything I’d wanted to feel with my son. With each surge I quietly (this is probably the only time I was quiet in my labour) got behind the baby and moved her along. This really felt like I was able to work with my body. The pushing was slow but stable and about 45 minutes after I felt that first urge to bear down I knew I was at the finish line.
How did I know? Well. I had a huge hunger pang and really REALLY fancied a white chocolate Toblerone. Seeing as I was considering dessert choices I knew we were almost there and with the next push out came her head and quickly after…her body.
I heard her cry and the OB passed her between my legs right up to me. There she stayed for about 3 glorious hours. No one tried to weigh her or clean her. She was just mine and it was perfect. Due to my bleeding the midwife had recommended having the injection for a managed third stage which I had consented too in my birth plan if the labour had bleeding so out it came shortly after the baby. I had a second degree tear which I couldn’t feel at all and the OB took about 10mins to administer stitches, all while my daughter was on my chest. The recovery felt incredible compared to my first and the bonding and my milk supply far better.
I’m still on cloud nine after the birth and so pleased that Hypnobirthing taught us both how to understand and embrace birth but research and question hospital policy where we feel we should and seek other options”.

The birth of Koa – a journey of connection, trust and birthing at home!

When Clio and Ricky attended the course with me they were on a different journey towards birth, but one week before their baby made their appearance they got into the hospital homebirth program! Here is their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey…

“Wow what a beautiful journey we are on. Thank you for your support in checking in, and as well helping set us up for the most beautiful birth we could have imagined.
Your well wishes must have worked because we got into the Homebirth program a week before bubba came. Still… we were open to whatever pathway our birth was to take yet we could not have imagined anything better than the flow it had.
My waters released on Friday the 15th, around 2am, 39weeks and 5days. Thank you for offering a real space of communication for partners in your course, because we chose this early stage to voice our fears and disappointments of what this meant. A letting go and our first surrender to the unknown path of birth.
We then put on some hypnobirthing tracks to read and get me back to sleep but they weren’t working. I had listened to one every day leading up to birth and they seemed to have done their magic. They had relaxed me for daily upkeep and their messages of focus were inbuilt in me now. We switched it off and Ricky lead me through a spontaneous meditation before we drifted into sleep. The surges started gently and slowly, but I was able to rest and sleep in between.
Thank you for empowering both of us with options in birthing skills. We danced through trying all our different techniques… movement, birth ball, massage, music, breath, counting, positions…. Thank you for sharing these even though they didn’t all work but it was the freedom and relief of knowing we had options to try.

Thank you for the introduction of touch from the partner. Ricky intuitively and skilfully worked with my body. He massaged, held pressure points to ground me and hold me, he supported my body weight when I would collapse into his body.
Thank you for the introduction of different positions, I found my strength in all fours. Most surges would come, and straight into all fours. It didn’t take the sensation away but I felt grounded, literally with the ground in a strong way.
Thank you for the introduction of the tens machine. We stuck this on around 6-7am. I am not sure if I felt instant pain relief but I found it helpful. It was another sensation to focus on during the surges. It also helped my mind relax knowing something else was working with my body. It was essential in linking my partner and I. It was a communication tool for when I was going into surges. I would either press it or yell surge to him, so he knew when I was going on. He loved the fact it timed it for us. And that helped remind me…something my midwife said to me…birth is just 60 seconds. That’s all you need to manage to be with. 60 seconds.
That’s where my vocalisation practice came in. I’ve been doing a vocal meditation practice for over 5yrs now. And it came into play naturally, not like a technique but it was just my way. 60 seconds of giving my voice and then rest in the silence in between, opening my hearing. 60 seconds to drink and pour love, sip and give. My voice changed from gentle hums on each exhale to soaring my voice as far as I could when I was bearing down. All techniques I had learnt but didn’t consciously choose. It just was.
And I think that’s where the hypnobirthing ties in with what my vocal practice has taught me over the years. Soften to signal trust. It’s not softening to have no pain. But soften your mind you awareness towards the sensation and instantly more space is there. As you and the tracks reminded me, it is natural and my body knows what to do. As a generally nervous and anxious person, I thought I wouldn’t be able to trust. But it wasn’t a choice. I could only trust. I could only trust in nature. She guided me through and at no point did I really feel scared. Because I wasn’t looking ahead. Just fully in the moment at one with nature. At one with the sensation arising.
 There was one point which I thought an epidural and hospital was needed and I expressed to Ricky in his arms… I can’t. But the thought was another sensation arising and then just like that it was gone from both of us. In the matrona holistic stages of birth I had read at the top of the mountain where the woman has gone further than before, she will reach out for help but this is not a genuine ask for intervention. And so it was gone and I transitioned to pushing… but I didn’t tell anyone for a while because I was just in it. This was just after Ricky gave me a few sniffs of clary sage which I soooo enjoyed.
Beautiful Ricky trusted me too. We danced together and then he left me alone in moments to tend to it fully. I always felt him there. And then after I had been pushing I told him to tell the midwives that I had the urge to push, just because I wasn’t really sure if what I was doing was actually bearing down. So they made their way over and Ricky began setting up the pool, moving me over onto the one towel not on a drop sheet as he set that up. As the first midwife was arriving I reached down and told Ricky I felt the head. I had been focusing on holding her head down in a surge as it was slipping up and down. Ricky ran down to get the midwife and alert of the urgency we hadn’t realised. They returned calm and trusting, set up what was needed around me. I was still on that one towel not on the drop sheet and on the white carpet. The midwife guided me to hold at I believe what was the ring of fire, and my breath changed. Just breath no sound. It was stingy but a needed moment to pause. Then in one surge, I moved back from all fours moving my hands onto my thighs and staying on my knees, one voice exhale released the head, one breath held, next voice exhale released the rest of her body into Ricky’s hands. Not once did I think of the other end of the exhale, I trusted Ricky had it. I trusted bubba had it. The home birth situation really helped with this. Knowing I didn’t have to move or leave, that I was home and this was natural. The process, the sensations, were all leading me to meet our power, our bub and true nature. We particularly loved that we were designed for this, our uterus and our bodies and our hearts. These thoughts engrained in us from hypnobirthing.
And there she was in our arms. I reclined comfortably on my back (for the first time in ages because I had been so focused on correct posture so I was not posterior) on this pillow fort Ricky built. In peace and awe, the three of us lay together. Eventually we lifted her up to see she was female.
We birthed the placenta not too long after and the other midwives showed up and hung around comfortably for a few hours. We lay back to settle in to this whole new world. Boobs kicked into gear and breast feeding went on it’s way with Bub finding it like a natural. The midwives were amazing in supporting our needs and informing us with all the after birth stuff that didn’t seem like our job to know, we just had to love her now.
Koa Dou-Sing Klein
Strength, guided by the stars
Life now seems like extended birth. Meeting every moment alive giving love. Trusting her, trusting ourselves, trusting each other, trusting nature as the path is.
There’s more to our story like hilarious poos and sandy beach towels. But I won’t bother you with those details. Maybe one day when we meet in person again.
We just wanted to share the true bits which your guidance truly assisted and helped us. For these bits we are truly grateful.
Thank you for all your support
You do amazing stuff for people
With love,
Clio and Ricky”

Welcoming baby Andreas into the world!

Claudia and Flo did the course with me in preparation for their first birth. There birth took a few twists and turns and they needed to work hard, but they got the birth they wanted! Claudia says Flo “was AMAZING and knew exactly what I needed when I needed it!”

Our little man Andreas Sandro Loock has arrived… born 28/01/2021 at 12:58pm weighing 2840grms.

I started getting contractions from 2am on the 27th and we stayed home while they were coming on harder and faster. I took a bath and then around 9am we arrived at hospital.. once we got there my contractions were slowing down! But over that day I had all sorts of ups and downs. I managed to be 4cm dilated by the evening… it then slowed down again! So at 3am on the 28th I accepted an epidural and the drip to assist with opening my cervix. I was exhausted by then so I needed the rest.

I had the epidural and kept the dosage at a light amount. I still felt the contractions and Bub doing his thing.. but no pain.. they checked me at 11am and I was fully dilated.. and started to push.. bubs heart rate dropped though and all of a sudden I had 3 doctors telling me we had to look at a Caesarean… I was devastated…So I was prepped for that but as we moved to another room I could feel more urges to push and Bub moving down… so they had a final check and he was good to go!

They used forceps but two MASSIVE pushes and Andreas was here… all while being on the table for a Caesar! I’m so, so relieved I avoided that in the end…

Thank you so much for everything, I certainly did use many of the techniques from the course 💙

I can without a doubt say that hypnobirthing was one of the best things I did to help us prepare for this day.

First time parents Catarina and Rolly attended a course in the third trimester of pregnancy. After doing the course late in 2020, they didn’t need to wait long into the New Year to welcome their baby girl…


I started feeling surges on Wednesday at about lunchtime. They were very spaced out, and by the time night came, they were about 40 minutes apart so I was able to sleep most of the night only to be waking up when they were stronger. I used the breathing techniques along with the positive affirmations and the other tracks to manage the sensations. By morning they were close to 10 minutes apart and I thought “today is the day I get to meet my beautiful baby”. I started using the TENS machine by then as the surges were getting stronger and stronger and continued with the breathing and tracks.

At 1pm we called the hospital because I thought it was time as my breathing had changed. We got to the hospital shortly after and had an examination because I was a bit unsure if my membranes had released. After a few doctors observing my pad, they said the membrane was still intact, but if they had released/ruptured it would have been from the top (I never even knew this was possible). They also checked the dilation since they were there and to my surprise, I was still only 2cms, so I went back home to continue working through the surges.
By 10pm I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore which in my mind was the sign she was about to come, so back to the hospital we went. Still no progress on the dilation even though it felt like she was about to come out, but they did confirm my membranes had ruptured from the top instead of the bottom of the placenta. By this stage I asked to start using the gas to assist with managing the intense sensations. 6 long hours later, dilation was only an extra 1cm and I was given a few options with the next steps. We used the tools we learnt with hypnobirthing and felt in control of all our decisions at all times. I decided to have the epidural at this stage to help with having my membranes manually broken and taking synthetic oxytocin. 
This was never part of my plan, but I had prepared to face birthing with a positive mindset and the affirmation “I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes” kept replaying in my head, and this made me more comfortable with the decisions I had to make.
At 11:30am on Friday (2 days after first surges) I started pushing and 20 minutes later our beautiful baby Zoe was born.
I can without a doubt say that hypnobirthing was one of the best things I did to help us prepare for this day from pregnancy right through to the first hours with our little Zoe. The view I had of hypnobirthing when I first heard of it, compared to how I see it now are completely different. I loved the fact you helped me see that if I did have a form of pain relief it, did not take away from the hypnobirthing experience. So, I want to share this to help other expecting mothers know that it’s not just about the little choices that happen on the day, but it’s also about the entire journey and mindset along the way and even post birth! Thank you for sharing the wisdom Kerry!
Rolly & Catarina”

“I knew I wanted to have an amazing birth experience. I spent my entire pregnancy preparing my mind & body for a positive birth”

First time parents Shandi & Joel recently welcomed their gorgeous girl Kalea to the world. Here’s how they prepared for her birth and the wonderful support Joel gave to the amazing mum Shandi…

“I knew I wanted to have an amazing birth experience. I spent my entire pregnancy preparing my mind & body for a positive birth which included attending Kerry’s Hypnobirthing course.

I wanted my partner Joel to understand what kind of birth I envisioned & more importantly, I wanted him to be confident in supporting me. We walked away from Kerry’s course feeling educated & so excited to meet our baby.

We set time aside to practice as often as possible leading up to birth. I loved when we practiced because it was a chance for us to have some quiet time, to focus & connect as a couple before baby arrived. Joel was the most amazing support during birth. He did an amazing job setting up the room. He played my affirmations & music on the speaker & diffused the essential oils. He created a great environment for us. He reassured me, encouraged me & continued with the light touch for the entire 18hrs. When my birth was met with complications, he used BRAIN technique & always asked the Dr for time to discuss the decision with me in between surges.


My water broke at 3am & I laboured for 13hrs & then I was induced at 4pm & laboured for another 5hrs naturally but had a placental abruption & they took me into theatre for an emergency caesarean. Baby was born 9:15pm on the 9th of Nov. I wouldn’t have been able to get thru the 18hrs without Joel. He was the most amazing support & knew exactly what to do.

I’m so grateful we did Kerry’s course because regardless of the complications, I still had the most amazing & positive experience. So grateful our child arrived safely in our arms.

We’re so in love with our little baby girl, Kalea”.

Proud new parents Shandi & Joel

And here is a gorgeous video of those first few magical hours and days!!!

“All in all I had a really positive birth experience and 2 days later I was already talking about when we do this again!”

Proud new parents Felicity and Charl share the news of their little boy Axel joining us…

“I found so much joy and reassurance reading other people’s positive birth stories during my pregnancy so I’m happy to share mine and give the same back….

On Tuesday the 17th of November I went into my routine midwife appointment. On arrival she checked my blood pressure which was slightly high, she said because of this she was going to check for protein in my urine but was sure everything would be ok and also retake my blood pressure. She also checked my cervix at this appointment and to my delight I was already 1.5 cm dilated.

At the end of my appointment she took my blood pressure again and it was normal (this sometimes happens to me as I get anxious going into appointments) anyway she still checked my urine and there was a slight reading of protein. She said she was going to talk to the Dr’s about it when she got back to the hospital and let me know what they said, it was no big deal. Left the appointment and 2 hours later she called me and told me that she had a chat to the Dr’s and they wanted me to come in for monitoring. I had some lunch and headed up to the hospital. When I got there they got me to do another urine sample and they hooked me up to a machine to monitor bubs heart rate and every 20 min took my blood pressure and every time it was perfect. They also took a sample of my blood to send off for good measure too. I was there for a few hours and bloods came back perfect BUT I still was slightly above the ‘ok’ mark with the protein in my urine (think cut off is 30% and I was 33%) the Dr’s and my midwife came around and talked to me about having an induction as it would be safer for baby to be here with me as I was 39 + 4. I was in shock as this is not the way I had planned my birth to go. The Dr’s wanted to start my induction that night and I asked if I went home to have a sleep in my own bed that night and instead came in tomorrow to start my induction if I would be putting baby at risk. This Dr went and called the head Dr in charge and they agreed it would be ok if I went home that night to have a good sleep and came in the next day at 7am.

I went home and cried and cried and cried as it’s just not the way I had planned my bubs birth to go. Anyway I eventually got myself together and had a few hours sleep and made sure all my hypnobirthing things were packed and I was as prepared as I could be.

Went into the hospital with Charl the next day and mentally woke up in a MUCH better head space and ready to tackle what ever obstacles I had to face that day.

We were taken up to our room by my midwife and it was such a lovely room. We set up our music and our oils diffuser and made the room feel like a really peaceful happy place. I had loads of snacks packed and Charl went to get us coffees .

When he came back my midwife broke my waters and then I leaked every where, Charl and I were laughing at all the liquid coming out as I was walking around the room.

The Dr’s who were on duty came around and talked to me about what was going to happen that day and I felt really comfortable after talking to them.

At 10am we started the Oxytocin drip, which started off really low. I got changed into my little comfortable black dress and Charl and my midwife and I chatted away about lots of different stuff.

About an hour in I felt the contractions start and they were very mild. My midwife went and got me an exercise ball so I could start rolling around on that and Charl attached me to my TENS machine. The TENS machine was AMAZING by the way and it really worked well for me.

Contractions started to come on hard and fast, because it wasn’t a natural labour the contractions ramp up pretty quickly.

By about 12-ish I said to my midwife that I needed something more and could I have the gas, I started on the gas and that helped for about 2 hours. In this time Charl and I really used all of our hypnobirthing techniques. Different positions, breathing and touching. Charl was AMAZING and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to get through those hours without him. He controlled my TENS machine too.

About 2pm I was having no break with the contractions, it was pretty intense and I was feeling like I needed something more. I asked my midwife if I could have some morphine as I presumed I wouldn’t be having Bub any time soon. She gave me the morphine which unfortunately didn’t even touch the sides for me.

At 3pm I requested the epidural, I had enough. Charl asked me if I was sure and I was definitely sure by this stage. The anaesthetist came in a little while later and gave me the epidural which was a game changer for me. I told him that he was an angel (haha) we all laughed and then the mood in the room turned really chilled and zen again. The epidural I got I was able to control myself so every 20 min, I decided when I wanted to give myself more. I could still feel the contractions and my feet the whole time which was a really nice feeling as I still felt in control.

My midwife checked to see how dilated I was and asked if I wanted to know, I said yes. I was 4cm at this stage. I was ok with that. From 3:00pm to 7:30pm I chilled out and we all chatted again and laughed about silly things while listening to my baby play-list. Every midwife and Dr who came into the room would say ‘ I love the vibe in this room’. It was really chilled and I even got a nap in here and there.

At 7:30pm my other midwife took over from my first midwife. She was going to do my second check of my cervix to see how dilated I was. I said if I was 6cm I would be a happy girl. She checked and guess what I was 10CM – yay it’s GO time!!!

I was so happy.

We had an hour before I was going to start pushing so Charl went and got something quickly to eat. Charl walked back in the door at 8:23pm and I started pushing at 8:30pm. I could feel my contractions coming so I knew when to push.

At about 8:45pm my midwife told me I need some more ‘pumping’ music to get me in the pushing mood and we all laughed and I agreed and changed my music to ‘90’s workout beats’……seemed appropriate.

At 9pm bub’s heart rate was a little stressed and we needed to get the little one out soonish, so they talked to me about using a vacuum and then forceps and what was involved in each of them.

The Dr who I had met earlier came in and had a look and we did a few more pushes before he decided to try the vacuum, he informed me of the risks and also told me he would need to do an episiotomy too, which I agreed to both.

3 big pushes and then 2 little pushes and my Bub was out. The Dr said that I pretty much did all the work but the vacuum just gave me a little bit of help.

They held Bub up to Charl and Charl turned to me and said ‘it’s a boy’ what an absolutely beautiful surprise, a healthy boy with a great set of lungs on him. They put my little man on my chest and started with the stitching up of my lady parts, which I wasn’t very focused on because I was staring at my little human on my chest.

Charl and I noticed that our little guy was moving down my chest and we were trying to work out what he was doing, the midwife said he was searching for my boob – how AMAZING. Half an hour on the outside world and he knew what to do.


About an hour later they sat me up and my blood pressure dropped dramatically, my temperature had gone way too high and I was vomiting and felt like I was about to pass out. They called a special ‘code something’ and my midwife said to me in a very calm voice ‘a lot of people are going to rush into the room now but I don’t want you to stress because it’s just what we have to do when your blood pressure drops this low’ 2 min later an army of people rushed into the room. I felt really really off. I’m not sure what they did in that time but there was a lot of people around touching me but I felt really calm because my midwife was next to me the whole time, Charl took the baby and about 10 minutes later I felt a lot better. Apparently later on I was informed that I may have gotten some sort of infection (which isn’t uncommon for women who have an induction).

Hours later everyone had left and it was just my midwife, Charl, our new Bub and me and my midwife and I were talking and she said she was so impressed with how long I went without an epidural and she thinks it was definitely because I was in my zone and Charl and I were able to use our hypnobirthing techniques.

All in all I had a really positive birth experience and 2 days later I was already talking to Charl ‘about when we do this again’ (hahaha poor Charl). What a magical experience and my end goal was ALWAYS just to have my healthy baby here safe and sound and that’s exactly what I go plus a few laughs and happy tears in between xxx


Thank you again Kerry for everything, I didn’t feel scared going into this birth because of everything I learnt at the course so from the bottom of my heart thank you.”


Felicity – Mummy to baby Axel


“It was honestly the most wonderful experience”.

When I teach the Hypnobirthing Australia program I tell all my clients the tag line – “we are all about a positive birth!”. A positive experience looks and feels like different things to different people. Here new mama Alyssa tells us about how she used her hypnobirthing techniques to have the most peaceful caesarean birth…

“Hi Kerry!!
We had a great birth. We ended up having a scheduled c-section as baby was measuring big and my anxiety of delivering her was becoming a bit too overwhelming. In the lead up I used all my hypnobirthing techniques and affirmations and we ended up having the most peaceful birthing experience.
It was honestly the most wonderful experience. We felt so calm and safe and little Florence came out so calmly as well. I was worried it wouldn’t feel as beautiful as a natural/vaginal delivery, but when we made sure to have our affirmations with us, our lavender scents and make the environment feel like our own, we soon realized that we could have just as beautiful and peaceful an experience. Even our anchor points and colours (for me it was yellow), really helped to make the birth so beautiful. Recovery has been tough but I would do it all again for our little girl.
Alex was amazing – he was so calm and took me to my happy place (Disneyland) during the whole operation. He also felt really involved in the whole birth and his face lit up cutting the cord – the hospital put a screen near my head so I could see her being measured and the cord being cut. It was amazing! He has taken to fatherhood so naturally. He acted all tough before bubs was born – and now she has him absolutely wrapped around her little finger!!!!
Thank you so much for prepping us for the best day of our lives.”
Alyssa & Alex – parents to the beautiful baby Florence

I’m so pleased to have had such a different experience than the first time.

Second time parents Jade and Francesco came to my course to prepare for their second birth. They were seeking a different experience to their first, their gorgeous daughter Penny, and were keen to know more about hypnobirthing.


Here mum Jade tells us about their baby boys speedy entrance into the world…

Hi lovely Kerry, how are you?

I wanted to drop you a line and introduce the newest member of the gang – Julian David Bertolasi.

Born 21 Oct in a speedy 3.5 hour labour, he was a big boy at 4.3kg and the spitting image of Francesco. The birthing Centre was so great and it was all pretty quick and intense – we quickly got Penny sorted out, raced to the hospital and the midwives met me in the foyer of the hospital with a wheelchair saying “don’t push! Wait until we get upstairs!”

I’m definitely not going to lie and say it was pain free or that I was as calm and quiet as the ladies on the videos… but the hypno techniques really helped and it was a natural, drug free birth and overall a really positive experience which I’m just delighted about.

And I got my water birth… well sort of! His head was birthed in the water, but then his giant shoulders got stuck so there was a bit of commotion with all these medical staff running into the room trying to get me out of the bath…one of the midwifes did some fancy shoulder unhooking manouvre and out he came me straddling the bath, one leg in, one leg out.


Thank you for such a beautiful Hypnobirthing course Kerry, and I’m so pleased to have had such a different experience than the first time.

I hope you are happy and well,
Jade x

The course was the best investment we made, even though it didn’t go to our original plan, it was perfect in every way!

“Dear Kerry,
We were pretty happy with the birth experience, we were mentally prepared for it thanks to you, even though it didn’t quite go to plan.
As I mentioned to you, I was being induced at 41 weeks. I had tried all the tips and tricks to naturally induce labour for the weeks leading up to that point but he just wasn’t keen to get out of his cosy place in there. We also had a doula, and due to COVID-19 she was unable to join us at the birth, so had planned to spend as much time at home as we could, but due to the induction, that also didn’t happen.
I first had the gel in the early afternoon of Wednesday 3 June with not much happening after that, so again at 6pm that evening. Around 10pm I felt a pop and a drop (is the best way I can describe it), which I was happy that something happened without further intervention…yay! Things were slow with not a lot of progress overnight, I was using the breathing techniques, affirmations and gentle massage from Jesse to get through the contractions to that point, and in the morning after discussions with the midwives and doctors we made a well informed decision to move forward with the syntocinon drip.
Things then started to progress much quicker, however unfortunately as I was on the drip, I was unable to use the bath at that point, which was a little disappointing as I had hoped to spend some time in there, and perhaps even deliver there. I spent some time on the exercise ball and wandering around, but I felt most comfortable lying down and focusing on my breathing and as the surges became more intense, Jesse pushing into the points in my lower back was really comforting.
I think it was around 1pm when, in hindsight, I was in the transition phase, as I just burst into tears and felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. The doctor examined me at this point, and I had gone from 2cm dilated to 8cm in a very short amount of time and it was now time to bear down and bring my baby boy out into the world! As physically exhausting as it was, I found this part the most easy and enjoyable and before I knew it, at 3:50pm I was holding my little baby in my arms. Jesse was able to pull him out at the very end, so I was really thrilled he was able to get involved in that way.
The midwives and other medical staff were amazing and all really surprised I was able to have a vaginal birth so easily and not end up going for c-section. Without the breathing techniques and focus I was taught with Hynpobirthing, I think it might have been a different outcome, so I am grateful to you and the program for that. We delayed cord clamping and spent a blissful hour just the 3 of us in our little bubble of love enjoying our new little bundle before joining the rest of the world once again.
So I wanted to thank you for your ongoing support and advice and for teaching the program, it was the best investment we made. And even though it didn’t go to our original plan, it was perfect in every way 🙂 I will definitely be recommending people to Hypnobirthing, and to you Kerry, for those in Sydney, you’re an amazing teacher of the program.
Lots of love to you and your family.
Renee, Jesse and Kiaan xx”

We got there in the end! My husband was amazing & so grateful he had learnt so much in the course to help me during labour.

First time parents to the beautiful baby Matilda share their experience of welcoming their girl into the world…

“I was getting a little concerned when the midwife starting talking about inductions so was really lucky to go spontaneous and got my natural water birth. I was also a little worried she may turn posterior as she was staying put on my right side and my chiro mentioned she may corkscrew her way down via posterior, but… she didn’t, yay!
I laboured for about 8hrs active (gas and TENS machine) and there’s a new rule at Randwick where you have to push out within 1hr or Doctors need to be involved so that was hard, needed stitches as had to get her out before I felt like she was ready but overall happy with how it went.
Hypno I must admit worked up until about 5-6cm then I resorted to my own music &….vocalisation! I had read juju sundins birth skills so had some of those in my toolkit too, & never thought I’d use my voice like that in labour but it became quite primal to let it out, combined with a combo of hot water bath & cold shower head on my back.
But we got there in the end! My husband was amazing & so grateful he had learnt so much in the course to help me during labour.
I’m really good otherwise, baby blues are due tomorrow so am going to try and watch feel-good films & bunker at home with babe. Getting my head (and nipples!) around breastfeeding but she’s feeding well!
Thanks for the well wishes & support☺ xxx”
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